jakarta's gray summer.

lunch @ Takigawa Restaurant, Setiabudi Building
the weather today is so HOTTTTT!! but the cloud not so bright... grayish...

what i wore,

the blue vintage dress i bought from GarageStore

Pink Cardigans - Only i
blue dress - GarageStore
tote bag - ViVi (Japanese Fashion Mag) goodies
dream hanger necklace - Only i
wedges - Vincci

i actually not so into Japanese foods, only the fast food i knew and remember the name :)
so i would prefer choose another restaurant if i go alone :P
but Takigawa is good, so good..., i can eat sushi here, wooohhhooo...., it's hard for me to trust things about sushi, mostly i always feel disappointed ..., but Takigawa have some great sushi and i love it... i also eat this yummy hot scallops :P~

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