magazine is medicine.

this weekend i'm tidying my magazines up...
my plan was to throw away all the old magz, but when i opened it one by one,
i suddenly change my mind..., i never really wanna throw all my magz... :P, it's just a matter of space arrgghhh....
i love great pictures..., i need to arrange some of my time to play with my old magz...
at least a week..., to create some collage stuff... :)
most of magazine i bought is about fashion and design, if i need some references to create something, this magz helps me a lot and still works to freshen up my mind :)

Dazed, Bazaar, Vogue, Black+White, V, Elle, Concept, A+, Nylon, Rolling Stones, Blue,
National Geographic, etc etc

after tidying up, imunk came and bring my fav sandwich from Deli, Four Seasons Jakarta

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