only i, spread - vc rasti.

i broke my promise, i said i don't wanna take any wardrobe job
untill "only i" launching... :P
but next week only i will be launch :) so this is the first opportunity for 'only i'
spread on rasti video clip...
last sunday i arrived on location at 6.30 in the morning, and busy for about 20 hours :_)
i wanna take this job is also because it't ninelives's job, i love working with them,
the final result is always worth to keep :)
so rasti's video clip concept is cheerful and of course colorful :)

everything went well, and here they are :)

What she wore,
and will be at ONLY I this May... :)

FIRST set:

mini dress - ONLY I
floral tights - ONLY I
all dresses - ONLY I

cleo's orange dress - ONLY I
this dress was a long vintage skirt and i did some big renewal and it turns so chic :)
and i still got some collection of this cleo's dress edition

THIRD set:
diamond's garden dress - ONLY I
electric choke - ONLY I

war dream trapper necklace - ONLY I
anna's rossey skirt - ONLY I
white big belt - ONLY I
shoes - ONLY I

anna's rossey skirt was a mid vintage type of skirt, i love the roses prints, so  i turn it to a sweet mini skirt...

strawberry chocs - ONLY I

sea angel dream trapper necklace - ONLY I

FIFTH set:
blue strippes top - ONLY I
my friend butet's - ONLY I
white gloves - ONLY I
grumpy grumpy necklace - ONLY I

my friend butet's skirt is diamondhurts special design, made from a beautiful songket sarong and mix with a vintage black tulle i found in my old wooden box
u can get it in many type of colors n motif...
will be at ONLY I online store SOON!

Thanks for NINELIVES for the opportunity :)

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