vc. pandawa.

riyo hired me for 2 job, rasti video clip on sunday and now pandawa band on tuesday...
tired but fun..., :)

hey, let me introduce you to my future assistant, she's very talented and
got a very nice sense of fashion too, her name is DITA :)

picture of me n dita studding the dress...
we almost lost our finger nails huhuhuhu...

i love working with my new make-up artist and hair stylist,
this is what i want... a pretty lil fairy :)
btw, she's the model for this video clip, her name is NICOLA...
a very sweet girl and so independent, i love working with her :)

make-up artist DIDINK, me, make-up artist assistant JOE, hair stylist DORY, and my great assistant FEBBY
btw, thanks febby for helping me so wellllll, good job!!
having u guys makes me feel like the happiest fashion stylist in the world :D

the band

zara black suit (bassist) , zara dark blue shirt (guitarist)

Nicola in Forever 21 black lace dress

this dress was very simple dress, me n dita was inspired by a nightlife at the golden tinkerbel's world :)
we've had our bronze goldy studs and a dozen of vintage butterfly accessories...
not bad huh... :)

imunk took this beautiful pictures, using the butterfly things as the filter  effects hahahha...
well done imunk....
too bad i couldn't post larger picture because of the internet is so slowwwwwww...
the detail of this pics are so nice and no need photoshop retouch :P
the vocalist, Mega. guess what he's a son of  Indonesian old comedian, KABAYAN remember??
thanks again NINELIVES :)
always nice working with u guys:)

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Anonymous said...

aahh,ka cinn.thank you so muchh :D bneran,aku mau loh kalo ga kuliah jd assisten lg,mau bljr juga.hihi.ajak" aku lg ya ka :D