the boutiques.

last week went to watch 'drag me to hell'
what an interesting movie :)

i wore stuff from my sister's old boutique.


knit top - Srengenge
mid skirt - Sakura Drop Shop
silver cardigans - Mango
boots - Only i
gold hobo bag - X.s.m.l
vintage belt - Only i

the knit purple top is from "Srengenge" my 1st elder sister Luqi's old boutique,
as i remember Srengenge means Sun, i was only 13 or 14 years old when
she created the boutique...
now my sister Luqi moved and stay in NY, and she created her own fashion line
called "RADEN RORO"
you guys have to check her boutique website ok!

the midi skirt is from "SAKURA DROP SHOP" my 2nd elder sister Tammy's old boutique,
she and 2 of her friend created this boutique...
she also made her own bags design... :)
but now, she's busy taking care of my only beautiful niece 'Faye'.. :)

well..., i'm the third :), soon going to launch "Only i" :)
again..., wish me luck guys :)

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