bandung and bandung.

having a very elastic body always bring me a lot of problems.
i know i love eating and sleeping tooooo much.
i promised myself not to do 3month diet/year every year anymore,
last january i vowed myself to maintain a healthy and better life this year...
i did everything that i vowed, i quit smoking, i do jogging, i smile a lot, i set my mind into positive thinker (eventho sometimes i couldn't handle it hehe.. :P), and i eat small portion of rice, buttttttttttt i never let myself away from all those choco bars, snacks, potato cheese etc etc... hohoho...
now i think 'the fat' already stick on my cheek, my tummy, and my arms, ohhh noooo..

well, well, well, i went to Bandung last 2 Saturday, with imunk, imunk's sister Wanda, Kirk, and also with 2 angels G and S.
a day before my laptop broke, oh so sad...
nothing special in Bandung, just for fun, and meet up imunk's Grandma.. :)
and we go back to Jakarta on Sunday afternoon...
this is what i wore, i found this purple playsuit at Flea Market, i did a little renewal and here we go..., it's nice and i can simply match the color with other purplish things :)


playsuit - flea market
shoes - Only i (by kelom keng geulis)
bag - no brand
bangles - Only i


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Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

cute as always..
cin,jadi ONLY i label kamu itu udah launching blm?