what a week!! the journal!

last week, i spent my week with nephew n niece...
Gabriel's nanny went back to her village for a week...
so imunk's sister asked me for a help...
from morning to afternoon i took care of Gabriel
at night i worked, ohhhh :_D
well..., i didn't have time to update my blog,
and here in Bali the internet connection is super fast :)
enjoy... :)

here are my nephew and niece :)


some pics of lunch and dinner time :) with Wanda, Imunk and Gabriel

recommended foods and beverages :), i like Penang Bistro @ Oakwood, Kuningan

Dapur Sunda Restaurant @ Bellagio will always be the best Dapur Sunda Resto ever, comparing to other
Dapur Sunda Resto in jakarta, the one @ Bellagio got the best ambience and good service too
i love Dapur Sunda, always.... :)
and next,
the picture of me and imunk's fam had a great home made satay dinner,
to celebrate the Election Day, look at us showing our inked finger :)

sunday to monday :), what i wore :)

Sunday: go to Games Zone with Gabriel @ Pacific Place

dress - Only i
bag - Ralph Lauren
shoes - Nicoboco

Monday: playday with Gabriel @ his house

cardi - Gaudi
tank top - X.s.m.l
green denim cargo - X.s.m.l
bag - NineWest
wedges - Melissa

Tuesday: Playstation day with Gabriel

butterfly top - bought in Bali

Wednesday: the Election Day!! Red n White Dress!!
at night i had a home made satay dinner to celebrate the election day
with Imunk's family and friends :)

dress - bought in itc (forgot the name of the boutique)
wedges - Vincci
bag - LeSportSac

Thursday: 1st plan going to DUFAN (Dunia Fantasi) at Ancol with Gabriel but failed :(

embroider top - flea market
bag - bought from multiply online shop
wedges - NineWest

Friday: another playday and swimming time with Gabriel

white tank - Mango
bomber jacket - Only i
zipper legging - Only i
bag - Ralph Lauren
wedges - Vincci

Saturday: last day taking care of Gabriel :D, and the next day we went to Bali :)

cardi - Mango
black tank - Mango
Jeannie pants - Only i
wedges - bought in Bali
orange knit bag - Srengenge (my sister's old boutique)


with Farrel and Gabriel :)


myrrh goldframe said...

those very cute kids!!!!!!!!! lucky you!! i love handsome little guy like 'em..!! fave!!!

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

when you don't have the time to blog regularly, it's always good to have a whole week journal :)

love everything you wear, especially the dress. somehow it set apart from the rest of your style. great job! you are such a style chameleon.