movie timeeeee...

by the time me and imunk arrived in Jakarta,
we directly went to the cinema to watch G.I Joe...
very interesting movie, so refreshing....
and because i want to eat a lot after being sick
so me and imunk went to Takigawa and eat loads
of sushi..., i'm so happy i can eat again..., really want
to kill all these illness... i hate hate hate being sick!

and today..., we went to cinema again...
this time we watched 'The Taking of Pelham 123'
my fav actors John Travolta and Denzel Washington...
their acting NO DOUBT! excellent!

let say it's a little celebration for Only i...
Only i just launched not more than 3 weeks ago,
but the feedback and the results is fascinating!
Thank God for bringing me back here in your Glory!
i promise i'll keep Only i always alive...







jumpsuit - Art Market, Bali
shirt - Only i
snake belt - Only i
boots - Samuel & Keith
bag - Only i


bethannyputri said...

love your shirt..the blue one..aaaww i want it :D

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

aaah...this is the jumpsuit from Bali you were telling me on my blog. very cute! i like the style and the print. i also love the way you combined it with the shirt and boots!

i love krupuk too :D

DiamondHurts said...

putri: hihihihihihi thanks put...

dhyta: yes yes this one dhyt :)

Nana said...

is your hair really red?
or it's the reflection of the light?
great outfit!