Kain Batik.

My first post, with label "MUSE"

Now in Indonesia, every Friday the government recommended is to wear Batik.
Batik is one of Indonesian proud assets :)
I already wear batik and kebaya (Javanese traditional top) since few years ago,
where many people talk behind me, asked me why am i wearing that kind of clothes,
and bla bla bla..., i really didn't have any idea how to answer their question that time...
they said i'm wearing a sleeping uniform :(
but now..., i'm glad everyone wearing batik everywhere....

I wear batik more in traditional ways, i love the modern or modification batik clothes,
but the traditional one fits me more beautiful :), more like a real Javanese girl :)

Well, if you guys get bored with all batik clothes that people sell at stores...
i think Tanah Abang will be a great place for you to find many kind of batik :)
from the stamp one to a very detail hand painted :)


Location: Tanah Abang Market, Jakarta

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