Kids Beauty Pageant.


When i was young, i always interested to be one of the attendance of every Beauty Pageant Show in town. Can u believe that?? Hahahahaha, i know it sounds like 'obsession to be a model' since born hahahaha, well... the thing is i think i enjoyed that moment.
I started to join this kind of competition since i was 6 years old, around year 1990.
My mom and my elder sister did everything for my first pageant, but i didn't win the competition. I wasn't sad, i asked my mom and my sister if i can join another pageant. The next pageant, i won, 2nd runner up, and that makes me wanna join another pageant again and again. My mom always do the make-up and my elder sister design the costumes. Till the time where my mom and my sister couldn't help me anymore, i was about 12/13 years old, maybe they thought it's enough for me get catch what i want, and i've already got many trophy, crown, and prizes. But i couldn't stop, i joined another pageants. I collected my money to pay the enrollment, i created my own costumes, i took my drawing to my friend's mother, she was a dressmaker. I went to shoe maker too, so it will match with my costume. I learn everything from my mom and my sister. After several competitions, i always got 1st winner or runner up, i never lost, cool huh? hahahahaha :P. One day i received a letter from every event organizer or agency that always creates this kind of Beauty Pageant, i couldn't join anymore Pageant in my town where i live, because i have to give somebody else a chance to win the competition. I was baddassssss! hahaahahha..., it means i only can join competitions in another town. Well, from there, i stop. My point is, it's not always negative sides about Kids Beauty Pageant. From there i always learn to be a better person, how to appreciate hard work, and how to sportively compete :)
Well in fact, i grow big and bigger, old and older, but not tall and taller hahahaha, seems like a catwalk job will never suits me hahaahahha... That's it the story of a Kids Beauty Pageant. Hope it will make you smile :), cheers....

Year 1992


Year 1993




NoViTaRisTiaNa said...

haai kak,i'm really love u're blog n u're style. do u remember,i ever bought a shoes from onlyi n im soo sory,i am not patient wait u're shoes cause i really luv u're shoes n want to wear soon..hehee..

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DiamondHurts said...

hi novi, thank u so much yeahhh, ok i'll visit your blog for sure darling :), nothing to be sorry owrait.... XD

Nana said...

oh dear^^
you look absolutley GORGEOUS
and i think that every girl wanted to be a little princess in one way or other

F i K a said...

heyy cindy..it's a great post!! no wonder you have a great style and great pose :D..you already join the pageants since you were 6 yo!! woow!!

anw,kapan niy koleksi Only I keluar lagii? can't wait!!

Julls said...

:))) you look so funny and great :)) you should be a model,i swear !

Lichay said...

hihihi Lucu banget fotonya, suka banget baca Blog DiAmonDHurts , ternyata obsesi jadi model cilik juga yah .. Salam Kenal Ajah yah Kak Cindy .. ^_*

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

hahaha...udah bakat dr kecil..
lanjut doonk ikut lg skrg. hehehe