serious mumble.


today, when i found this old t-shirt from my wardrobe
i suddenly remember one of Indonesian popular singer
long time ago, i watched one gossip show on local tv
and it was interviewing the activity of this pop singer, Mulan.

one moment that i remember, i was laughing out loud when this
beautiful marvelous singer said something when she met her child:
(with sundanese accent)
"Aduh anak mamih, meuni GOTHIC pisan pake baju RAMONES"
(in english)
"Ohhhh my dear child, you look so GOTHIC wearing RAMONES t-shirt"


well, RAMONES is totally punk rock band,
quiet important things to know tho...
i'm speechless, they don't even looks gothic at all... and never!
someone need to tell her about that...

well..., there are so many people wear band tees or any other
iconic tees without knowing what or whom on their tees.

i don't really listen to punk rock music that much,
but that doesn't mean i don't know or i don't like RAMONES...
everybody got their own taste in music,
but if they love Music they must know this phenomenal band, RAMONES.
one of band that colored up the music history in this wild world.
one of band that makes Music Alive until today...

i hope Miss Mulan will never make any other mistakes with
other world must known big band...
(well i said must known because she is a musician, she work and live from music)
what if she thought Led Zeppelin is so EMO...
oh noooo....!

to get a 'cool' look by wearing band or iconic tees without knowing
anything about it, is totally wrong...
i know, no one will know about that, but it feels so wrong isn't it?
well, u don't have to LOOOVEEE the band or the icon
on your tees you are wearing
but at least you knew a little bit about what or whom that is
stick on your chest.
p.s: even 'cool-er' if you wear what you like/love not what makes
you look 'cool'... :P, because everything is HOW you wear it :)



t-shirt - Official Ramones / skirt - Edge of Heaven / shoes - GarageStore / bag - Ciciero / lace socks - Only i

i'm collecting many band original t-shirt...
most tees are big band and my fav band.
it's hard to collect them,
but the great thing having them is,
feeling so proud when i'm wearing it!

well, that's just my thoughts... :)
Let's keep up the REAL SPIRIT in MUSIC!
Make Music not WAR!


Julls said...

God,the t-shirt is amazing.Rock band t-shirts are always the best !

DiamondHurts said...

yeah julls agree! :)

Nana said...

i LOVE the tsirt and the shoes