happy birthday PAPA.

may God bless you, and i wish u all the greatest things in the world..
i love you papa, and it's forever...

happy morning for my beloved father...


after 15 minutes writing from the back side...

happy birthday PAPA sayang...

few days ago, i went to my fav 2nd hand bookstore
i looked for my daddy's present, and first i saw this book
"War Without Guns" by George K. Tanham, published USA 1966
it's about the villager's in Vietnam, i'm sure my dad already
read this story in another book version, he loves this kind
of stuff :)

suddenly, i found a book that remind me of my dad's only hobby :)
i think this book is dedicated for my dad, because this book store only
have one of a kind stuff (well it's a 2nd hand bookstore), and this book stand
near the cashier and it seems calling me to see it title hahaha..
"The Glorious World of GOLF" by Peter Dobereiner, published NY 1973

my dad graduated from Army School (AKABRI) in year 1973,
so it means when this book published, my dad still so young and didn't
know yet about Golf i guess hmmmmm...

i really wanna play golf with him, he and mom used to teach
me how to play golf when i was 13 years old.
i hope you like it Dad, this book is left for you, this book really
wanna be a little part of your book collections :)

i love you PAPA, the bears loves you too :x :x :x :D

have a great bithday PAPAAAAA....


afternoon in the movie.

'terminator salvation' this afternoon darling?
hope it will make you  feel better..

tank - X.s.m.l
floral blazer - 2nd hand shop
short - heritage, Bandung
bangles - Only i
tote - LeSportsac
boots - Garage Store




bathroom project.

by: Diamondhurts
May 2009

i don't know why since yesterday and today, my feelings is always negative.
it's totally not good for my self, because this week i really need to make
everything done in time.
and today imunk is sick, i always feel too sad when he's sick because he always
make my days worth, so when he's sick i'd prefer cancel all the plan
and take care of him for a few days.
i'm so weak every time i see my beloved one sick, especially imunk.
he's such a caring boyfriend, brother, friend, he's everything to me.

sometimes when i'm bored and sad, my last hope is just playing
around with my digicam
but seriously, i'm so sad to see imunk's sick face ohh,
i went to bathroom, and took a pic of myself...
and take a shower, and edit edit, and here is my bathroom project
for my beloved boyfriend imunk, get well soon baby..., i need you :_(


tired day.

so busy today, checking up imunk sister's new house and today is tuesday it means play day with gabriel :D
me n imunk had a great dinner, creamy pasta and wine too, vodka too :P
i just arrived home an hour ago, ohhh so tired but fun :)

dress - lime, itc ambasador
jacket - Only i
bag - gift from Cons
head scarf - bandung street shop
shoes - vincci
bangles - jewels shop at cibubur junction, 2nd floor

location: Wanda's new house


saturday night boots.

just cameback from the cinema.
watched one of my fav comedian Ben Stiller.
and today, new boots from Garage Store has just arrived.
the boots so comfi, cute, cheap, oh i just simply love it.


dress - Only i
bag - Only i
shoes - Garage Store



shocking nite.

this week was a very hardest week.
let's brighten up this saturday & sunday for a better monday :)
happy weekend everyone.

dress - Only i
shoes - Only i
glasses - Only i
necklace - Only i


only i, behind the scene 01.

still need another 3 session for photo shoot.
we couldn't make it all in one day because of rainy all day. huhh.
continue this sunday with my little sister Kelly as the model.
thank you for Kelly, Dika, Citra, Wanda, Oliver, Zaki, Tiger and Imunk for helping me today...
thank u so much.. :x
see you guys this sunday.


fat and weak :_(

was plan to go to the cinema today, but failed.
it's a long story, sighhh.

today i think, think, and think again not to have dinner for a week.
i am getting so unhealthy fat around my stomach.
but, it's hard oh.. eating is good :(
and i really need more exercise, i feel so weak lately.



jacket - lime
silver top - mom's
pants - Est. F.O, Bdg
wedges - vincci
clutch - divas
big bangle - india accessories booth @ itc kuningan

the date.

one day with my lovely nephew.
i wish he's at least twenty years older he is now.
such a wise little boy.
i love you gabriel.



a girl from the rose land.

this pic created yesterday
may 18th, my little sister kelly birthday
i will meet her this thursday, for Only i photo shoot
and can't wait to see her, missesssss her so much
and i dedicated this pic for her, my little rose
wild wild rose, smoochhh.
happy birthday darling, i love u so much.


this pic taken a year ago, with photo booth in my laptop..., i miss u :_(

shoulder pad top - Only i
roses legging - tn. abang market
studded heels - Only i
red leather envelope clutch "Dear Misery" - Only i


amazing background from Davidson Galleries by Hansen,
check for more gorgeous roses contemporary print & drawing


one romantic afternoon.

anywhere with you.







hold me tight, don't ever let me go away.


sometimes i love when i don't have time to think.

no need to mix and match today,
let's watch " Angles & Demons "...





what i wore,
floral blazer - ONLY I
flowery tunic dress - Est F.O Bandung (Korean Brand)
leopard tote bags - LeSportsac
army wedges - Melissa

may 13th.

here i capture this beautiful rainbow from yesterday morning to fulfill your days...
i love u everyday sweetheart :x
and as i promise u, let's watch 'my bloody valentine' 3D!!



what i wore,
vintage dress - ONLY I
shoes - Garage Store
black bag - ONLY I


this vintage dress condition is still 80% nice :)
i found this a year ago before i've created ONLY I...



while working.

creating something while working at pandawa video clip making
actually is for the model's hair accessories
but it doesn't match with the director's concept...
so, me n febby love to wear it haha... :)

let's go to the cemetery :_(

vc. pandawa.

riyo hired me for 2 job, rasti video clip on sunday and now pandawa band on tuesday...
tired but fun..., :)

hey, let me introduce you to my future assistant, she's very talented and
got a very nice sense of fashion too, her name is DITA :)

picture of me n dita studding the dress...
we almost lost our finger nails huhuhuhu...

i love working with my new make-up artist and hair stylist,
this is what i want... a pretty lil fairy :)
btw, she's the model for this video clip, her name is NICOLA...
a very sweet girl and so independent, i love working with her :)

make-up artist DIDINK, me, make-up artist assistant JOE, hair stylist DORY, and my great assistant FEBBY
btw, thanks febby for helping me so wellllll, good job!!
having u guys makes me feel like the happiest fashion stylist in the world :D

the band

zara black suit (bassist) , zara dark blue shirt (guitarist)

Nicola in Forever 21 black lace dress

this dress was very simple dress, me n dita was inspired by a nightlife at the golden tinkerbel's world :)
we've had our bronze goldy studs and a dozen of vintage butterfly accessories...
not bad huh... :)

imunk took this beautiful pictures, using the butterfly things as the filter  effects hahahha...
well done imunk....
too bad i couldn't post larger picture because of the internet is so slowwwwwww...
the detail of this pics are so nice and no need photoshop retouch :P
the vocalist, Mega. guess what he's a son of  Indonesian old comedian, KABAYAN remember??
thanks again NINELIVES :)
always nice working with u guys:)