heart is so blue.




( dress - flea market / bag - ciciero / kelom - geulis )

@Regal, Pacific Place

Regal is always be my fav cafe since i was in high school.
Nothing really special about this place, but i prefer a quiet place
to hang out with my friends. First Regal Cafe i know is at Pondok
Indah Mall, i remember one of my friend ordered a glass of pure milk
everytime we visited Regal, my friend is a boy, it's just too cute, hmm...

Since i dated Imunk, i visit malls more less, but there was a time my friend
Oliver took me to Regal Pacific Place after we had a meeting together
and it was the first time i visited Regal PP, Oliver order an Irish Coffee
for and i like it, i'm not really into coffee, i ordered ice chocolate, always
whenever and whatever the cafe is.

Since then, i decided to order different type of drink, so may be
i'll have another fav drink on my list :). Last week i met my old friend
Mita at Regal and i ordered Kahlua blend something..., it was so gooooddd...
Because we spent so much time there, i order another drink but it didn't
satisfy me :(. Well, the thing is i'm so happy meet up Mita...

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