how to get to be happiness.


The meaning of being alive.

Living in this wild magnificent universe, brought me so many things.

How to be the tough one, how to leave the weakness side of me.

How to reach every chapter in my dreams,

how to fix the gloomy feelings i've never requested.

I am standing here, alive.

I am more than happy.

Not because i have this and that.

Because i control the sadness to fuse the happiness.

I didn't buy those things, i just finally found it.

I found it through a journey of my life.

I know the time still running, so many things will changing,

still..., i am ready for everything.

My heart made of pieces of shooting star,

and my hands keep walking on the milky way.

The pass is always something i will never forget,

i've tried to regret, but they just won't have me back.

A little thank you to the pass, for not killing me right away.

I've learned, and i think i don't want you back either.

The future.

I am on my way.

Soul sisters, few great friends, the magic hands on colorful brain,

A Gentleman Geek and loads of tunes from around the world,

the crazy wardrobe, the tropical view with a green plants,

and a geek as the love angel.

They're all the family.

They're all the love i need.

They're the reason for me to get there...

to the future of happiness.


Don't let the world tricks you.



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angelsofthesilence said...

hey cindy... i love ur poem, such a powerful poem :)