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( top - Killer Eyes ONLYi / kilt - gift / sandal - gift )

After shower as usual i stand up in front of my wardrobe.
I found this purple Kilt a gift from my Scottish brother in law.
I never had any opportunity to wear this, so i decided to wear it
right away. Imunk asked, "It looks good on you, you suppose to wear
that when you're out with your friends". He sounds like 'why are you
wearing it just now, we're just about to go to my sister's house, no
where else'. I asked him back, "Where else i would go if not with you,
i go out with you more than i meet my friends, they're all busy".
And he said to me back, "Ohh ok", i replied, "Every place deserve to
see me look nice, even if there's a marvelous occasion i have to attend
that doesn't mean i have to wear Prada dress, I wouldn't wear my dress
i bought from the flea market. Because everything i have are beautiful..,",
and Imunk stopped me by saying, "Ya ya..., and you will wear LV bag just
to carry your vegetables if u feel like to.."
Ya ya, it's all about what you feel, you like it, just wear it, you
don't like it today, maybe tomorrow or next year.
I love this kilt, fitted me well, will wear it again sometime :)


vdcouture said...

super cool!

Aliaa Araya Safian said...

the hair :)

Stella Nongka said...

Dear, Diamond hurts.

Your blog was super awesome! Actually, this is my first visit. I love this blog so much so inspiring me, your post and your outfit.

Btw, I'm Stella. from Indonesia =)
Nice to meet you diamond hurts! hope we gonna be a great friends.

Keep contact with me! Any way.. i already follow your blog, and link your blog on my side bar 'Fashion Heroes'

Follow my blog and exchange link? If you like it =)

Love, Stella

sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

you look awesome kak! anyway, i wrote you an email, pls read it ya :)
thanks & cheers