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Few months ago i promise to post all my fashion projects.
Too many pictures on my laptop, and i decided to post this
one of my fav project. This was my idea from long long time
ago. How i bring Indonesia touch into a gorgeous barbarian
look. At this opportunity i just wanted to show how important
a wardrobe concept on a big performance.

First of all, my client wanted me to create such a LED lights costumes.
I paused for few secs and i told them i have this glow in the dark concept,
and i believe it will glow much much beautiful than the LED things, what
i need from them is just UV Lights.

My concept is bringing all Indonesia heroes in a colorful glow in the
dark costumes. This work was featuring by my fellas from this grafity community
called Gardu House (Artcoholic).

Kartini, Bung Karno, Bung Hatta, Ki Hajar Dewantara, Jendral Sudirman,
Soeharto, Patimura, Cut Nyak Dien, they're all will be on the costumes.
It was like my biggest dream :__)


Inspired by the Papua look, i want everything in rebel ways.


I created every single thing, from head to toe with glow in the dark and neon
spray color and paint. From the hair piece, soft lense, make up, costumes,
accessories, shoes, everything....

All my soul and my heart i gave to this project.
It was another short time to do this project, as usual...
plus it's kinda tough working with these foreign people
who couldn't work as a teamwork, and working with locals who
don't know how to put pride on their selves and proud of what
their country have.

It's hard, we can't just make other's sense of art same as us.
It's just hard to tell a new concept if they just close their mind and
act like a star and actually they aren't the star??

I suddenly realize that our country just got so many culture,
and i was talking with bunch of people who haven't got any
culture in their country, it's like talking to the wall...

So many stories came along at this project, i just fight, fight for what i believe.
I just ignore them, and pray for the show...

Thank GOD. Thanks for my team Imunk, Oki, Kiky, Revy and Ario.
My fellas, Jablay (Bujangan Urban), Chatmen, and other grafity artists.
Also for my artist Indah Dewi Pertiwi and dancers who always put
their trust in me, Teh Dewi and the make-up team, also everyone who
support me on this project. We did it!! :D

Check out the Video :)


'Srikandi 2030'

SCTV 21st Anninersary
August 24, 2011

Fashion Creative Designer: DiamondHurts
Assistant Fashion CD: Lokita Mardanti

Advicer: Omar Sharif (Imunk)
Line Producer: Novana Revi

Stylist: DiamondHurts
Assistant Stylist 1: Lokita Mardanti
Assistant Stylist 2: Kiky Rizky Tomy

Fitter 1: Ario Achda
Fitter 2: Kiky Rizky Tomy

Make-Up Artist: Dewi Larosee and team

- luv -


titaz said...

kereeeeen :)

ARIO ACHDA said...

aaaah. locals yg ga punya pridenya itu aku ya? :(

ps: im so proud of you. always proud of you. inspiring!

rere kumampung said...

ketauan bgt ka cindy'nya..
hehe sotoy ye..

Ruth Evelyn said...

wow, just wow. those amazing outfits had me at hello

Anindita Khrisna Murti said...

sayang ngga liat perform livenya... nice concept! so inspiring...

great job dear... ;)