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Hey Pals :D...,

Here are some of my stuff for this event Hello Garage Sale #1 - Charity for Autism. I'm just a participant at this Event, and i like the idea they will dedicate this for Charity. This event is next month, April 7-8, 2012, Hallo Solo Garden, Jl. Adi Sucipto no. 1 Surakarta, 3pm till done. These are some information about the stuff above. If you're interested, you can easly email to Widya at widyaroses@yahoo.com. I hope you all interested to spreads info about this lovely event. So we can all share the love to this Earth. Or if you want to let go some of your stuff to this Charity, simply email Widya :)
I will send my stuff tomorrow to Solo and i wish a great success to Hello Garage Sale team and Widya, Gudluck guys!

(Please zoom ini picture to see details :))

1. Dress Bibi - ONLYi Newest Collection 'Talking Fiction'
Condition: NEW
Worth: Rp 318.000,-
Price for Charity: Rp 100.000,-
Details: Champagne Shiny Fabrics with embroidered and beads details.

2. Mini Unique Black Dress - Unbranded
Conditon: 2nd Hand, Perfect Condition (worn 1 time)
Worth: Rp 250.000,- /// Price for Charity: Rp 75.000,-
Details: White Synthetic Leather on shoulder side, very mini dress, for size S or M.

3. BOM!! Note Book
Condition: NEW
Worth: Rp 180.000,- /// Price for Charity: Rp 50.000,-
Details: Embossed BOM shape, black plastic material, size 15x19cm.

4. Summer Pants - ONLYi Old Collection 'Flower is Oi'
Condition: NEW
Worth: Rp 285.000,-/each x 3pcs = Rp 855.000,- /// Price for Charity: Rp 375.000,- for 3pcs
Details: Cannot be bought for 1 pcs (must buy 3 pcs)

5. Semi Black Studded Boots
Condition: 2nd Hand, Good Condition (worn 1 time)
Worth: Rp 320.000,- /// Price for Charity: Rp 100.000,-
Details: Black velvet, bronze studs details on heels, size 35 to 36.

6. Batik Army Boots
Condition: 2nd Hand, Good Condition (worn 4 times)
Worth: Rp 280.000,- /// Price for Charity: Rp 100.000,-
Details: Batik Fabrics, size 36

7. BOX of Jewels
Condition: NEW & 2nd Hand, Good Condition (worn 1 time)
Worth: Above Rp 750.000,- /// Price for Charity: Rp 200.000,- for 1 BOX (all accessories)
Details: Cannot be bought 1 pcs (must buy 1 box), Bracelets, Rings, Necklace, Earings

For more information, please contact:
Widya at widyaroses@yahoo.com

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