A Little Life.

Whenever i feel grateful of me being alive, there's always flower sparks in my heart. Like i wanna share it to everything surrounds me. I mostly pick black for every animal creature living with me, though i'm a big fan of rainbow pantone for other stuff. Long time a go i owned a black cat called Monroe, she dead because she was too early to giving birth. Now i have Bill my black pug and also this lovely creature Meti the fish. Monroe, Bill and Meti caught my eyes, love at the first sight, they're just beautifully different from others, so i picked them and take care of them, with love...

This picture was taken last week, on the way to Bandung with my one and only husband, Imunk. It was around 5pm, and the sun is about to go home that time... Before the sun goes down, it shares a lots of love to us... This picture i called 'Love'.

Wondering who live there? It's a huge beautiful thing i captured on high way. If i live there, i can see the sunrise and both sunset in a very maximum level of delights.

Why do i feel so warm whenever it's rain. I feel so much love and there's always coffee in my mind. The dark sky isn't something terrifying, i always find it peculiar, and i can't stop my eyes watch it through the camera lens. I keep on capturing the dark sky, and sometimes cute monsters came out through the blurry clouds... Who's the first person reminds me to get my mobile phone camera on? My husband :), he said "Look at the sky, it's so cooolllllll...." :D


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