Most of the time i've spent is with my mobile phone near me. I love taking picture of everything, and the fastest thing i can always grab nearby me is my mobile phone. The problem about my mobile phone is the battery that is always drop dead mostly when the moment i see is meant to be captured. But..., i still have many picture i'd love to share, and here they are...

01.) Flower from the fresh market. Carnation Pink and Peacock.
02.) Bill in the morning.
03.) The gold paint is actually made for one of my client's invitation, we decided to have some paint splatters but in the end they didn't decide so i won't waste the gold paint and i use it for my door :)
04.) Love at the first sight! April cup :)
05.) New poster on the red wall.
06.) Sexy Sassy. My new fish got a very cute transparent body, love it!
07.) View from the balcony at 5.30pm.
08.) Faye and the orange bouganville.
09.) Pack of berries.
10.) Rainy day..., thru the hospital's window.


Benefit's said...

Beautiful flowers!


great shots, indeed :)