Karen O.

Before i knew a Lady called Gaga, i've adored Karen O.

I first time listen to Yeah Yeah Yeahs when i just entered college.
Always love their performance, i've searched YYYs show on youtube, i was dreaming when will i see this band for real? Karen O inspires me a lot with her style, her signature leather studs jacket inspired me to make my own DH/OI studs jacket too, i've post the picture few years ago :). It's her, it's her, it's always been her, one and only K.O! My friend told me the guitarist got Dirgahayu Indonesia sticker on his guitar, it was long time ago... I finally see their performance, a bit far from the stage but i really enjoy YYYs, especially when Karen O forgot the new song lyrics and when she smashed the microphone. About the sticker, i couldn't see it, it was too far hehehe...


Ines Ariani said...

Really WOW random style :O <3


Jelita Andini said...

Me tooooooo kakak Cindy!
I love Karen O's style!

I was copying her style years ago and posted in my blog^^

high five! :D