last autumn.

Pictures from last autumn wipe out. All i can remember is, i had so much fun with the girls...
Had a lot of chat with Sonia's amazing Mom about our interests. I adore Sonia's mom, as she told me so many things about life, she really enjoy her life and keep on supporting her family member, no wonder she has this talented girl named Sonia Eryka :). Sonia, Anaz, Claire and Olin is wearing Inga from ONLYi - talking fiction. Gold Riding Hood, Xmas present for my beautiful friends. I love you girls :')

(photo 7, 8, 9, 10 by Sonia Eryka)

Autumn Wipe Out at Ninotchka.

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marisha putri ramadaniansyah said...

love the 'riding hood' so baddddddddddd ;)