hell of a lists.

Hello..., it's 8.30pm now, and i just finished with my activity sketching some design for ONLYi new collections. My husband is sleep already, usually we went sleep together, but i think he's too tired doing his afternoon activity sending his Tarantula packages, sending my invoices to client, buy Bill's food stocks, etc. I have lists of future projects, i honestly can't do all the lists by myself, but i have to manage everything myself one by one before i decided to asked for a help from someone else.

Wait a second, Bill is grabbing my hand ask for a rub.

Oh yes, i have few projects coming up. Besides all of the ONLYi business, i planned for my paper line plus home & party decoration project with my sister, i've finished our first theme for the web launch, but i need to manage all my paper & decor portfolio into one nice presentation. Plus, wedding decoration i've made, i haven't share any one of my wedding decoration because i really want my wedding decoration photos to be managed properly, it's 3 wedding party i've already handled, always love doing it :) the last wedding decoration i did 2 months ago was amazing, it's managed properly by the wedding organizer. I like it when i work with professionals ;)

And then BAM! my fun accessories project, if you guys still remember i sell handmade accessories at Alley29 at Plaza Indonesia last year. So... for BAM! i also finished 15 accessories design and they're just ready for the photo shoot.

The next one is my 'SECRET' project, i can't tell you now because it's still in a progress making samples and still look for a possibility to visualize some of my imagination. It's part of bag famil, but i focused on 1 type of bag only, will tell you when it's ready hehehe :D

I have a big big passion to create one big thing (still in fashion industry) in the name of my lovely Indonesia, my one and only super cool country. So the plan is, i will be using many fabrics from all around Indonesia, not just batik but also tenun and any other traditional fabrics. I will mix everything with daily/casual material such as cotton, will combine everything with Indonesia Heroes images, wayang, and i will add 1 new thing here :), i will make my own computerized batik and print it on fabrics. Sounds so exciting right? This project will be supervised by my Mother :*. I need to learn about traditional fabrics from her and she also very unique in designer her own clothes and almost 90% were using Indonesia traditional fabrics.

Last big thing is my band :).
My husband is doing the mixing for our first 4 song, need to do some revision on the lyrics part, and i need to be 'in the mood' of making lyrics next week. We created 10 song already, but i really really need extra time in concentrating myself get into the art of the sound. I mostly using my eyes for my art sense, now i need to get my ears & voice work more than usual. My husband asked me to practice myself making lyrics while playing guitar, so i can get the soul i wanted. I couldn't use my synthe to make lyrics because the amplifier is only 1 here, phewww. Anyways, i will produced 1000 CD for free and will spread them everywhere, please please do wish me luck for this project becauce this band is been delay like agessss.

So to finish them all nicely, i need to not to take any job such as designing, styling or design graphics, or photography, this year. But still..., 1 last job designing flight attendant uniform for a private jet company is a never ending job ever. But Thank God, my Hanna Montana is always ready to help me, thanks Hanna :) :*, so i let her in charge for this one last job.

Well, that's all my hell of a lists. Writing them down is such a great reminder for myself :D.
I sometime don't remember which one is here, done, deadline, or there. But i realized that i have tons of love that need my concentration and imagination to filled inside each of them. I created it, i want it, so i just enjoy doing it. I actually look for a partner to do one of my project. On paper and decor project, i asked my elder sister to manage this and that. And it's a bit hard to find a loyal type of person with such an attitude and idealism. I mostly met a super rich with poor vision, but it's actually normal, it's sounds better than the last time i've experienced, the poor braggart with poor vision. So i've decided to do everything slowly (means: as fast as i can hehe) but surely fun :D.

I hope you guys are also doing things that makes you happy. Money isn't the first key to keep us happy, so we better balanced our needs. And don't let money rapped your creativity. Keep on producing, keep on dreaming and make life worth to live. See ya :)


titaz said...

Huaa projectnya banyaak
suksesss buat semuanyaa yaa :)

siapa tau bisa bekerjasama buat proyek bermusiknya hihihihi :D


hanny arianty gultom said...

thanks for your last paragraph cindy.. it strengthening me.. Good luck for the projectsss.. ^^