Kartini - Segera.

I've been creating few Kartini Edition for ONLYi, and this time i created only 100 pcs, 2 dress, 1 jumpsuit and 4 tees. Very limited edition :), and i forgot..., i also design my very first computerize batik kawung using Ibu Kartini's image as the main image. And i will visualized it on satin silk as a pretty scarf. Will do the photo shoot next week, and i look for a model, Indonesian face, long hair and dark skin tone. Maybe you guys have any suggestion for me? :)

Allright, wish me luck :), i'm doing the the dyeing for the the tees collection just now, my hands full of    fabric paint and i'm now leaving color marks all around the laptop heehhe... See ya...

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Jelita Andini said...

kakak cindy, aku punya teman "wajah indonesia". dia juga udh sering diminta tolong temen2nya bwt jadi model... no she's not familiar model, but she has beautiful eyes :)

d'ya wanna? :)
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