I don't know why i really like this word 'Saturday'. It brings me joy when i hear or think about Saturday. Today, in the morning i posted 1 picture on twitter and 1 on path with 'saturday' word as the picture tittle. Almost every Saturday comes like any other day, because i work in the apartment most, so i want everyday is like Saturday. Today, in the afternoon, i also read 'saturday' on poster on the street, and i heard a song say 'saturday' on the lyrics. Just now, before i started to write this post, i just got my eyes a short daily trip to Pinterest, look for beautiful inspiration to post on my blog. So i started to write the post title on the column, i was thinking about 'Satur...', and suddenly in the same time my husband is switching the tv channel, and the actor of the movie says, "it's a beautiful Saturday".
Saturday, it is my blog post title :)

"Darling, what's for Saturday?", i said.

He said, "Gardening.".

all picture from Pinterest.

Happy Weekend :)

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