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I just finished my work for Kartini Edition. Experienced myself doing tie dye for t-shirts, i really enjoy the process, and let me present my very loyal assistant, Bill :). I wish Bill can replace me doing the washing process :p, he actually just walking around my dyeing area and messing around :_D. I designed this collection combining polkadot batik, cotton, Kartini prints and colors from tie dye process. Next week everything is ready to deliver, so i gotta set the photo shoot this week... Oh so excited :D. My plan for the photo shoot is actually more simple than a photo shoot for main collection. As this Kartini Edition is a limited special edition, i only want to set a simple location with strong concept. So..., wish me luck! :)

While Kartini edition is work in progress, i also start sketching and preparing the next collection mid/13. And yesterday some of the sample done, i try them on and everything is just prefect, i love Pak Sodikin my tailor :*. Btw, i created my own turban, i want it a bit different, not exactly turban but a lil bit inspired by hip hop head scarf hehehe. Everytime i wanna make something i can't explain by drawing, i always make a sample by myself, at least it helps my tailor to understand faster. This next collection will taste like a pop jungle. As you can see on below pictures, i add pineapples, flowers and animal prints. Feeling so Tropical :')

I worked 2 weeks nonstop working for Kartini project, the next collection and a little bit of BAM!
The days passed beautifully, and i'm so glad i'm still doing what i love till today.
Here is the sky for you, from today :)...


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Cindy Karmoko said...

omggggg billyboooo so fatso kaciiin, di kasih makan apa deh ahaha. oh i want your onlyI :(