Bill is my first dog. Since i was a kid, i had few dogs name Blacky, a very common name haahahha, and then Snacky, i don't know why Mom named her Snacky. I have no memory with them :(. And last dog Mom have adopted was Tommy. A toy puddle dog born in 1997, and rest in peace in 2009. Tommy was a good dog, but i feel so bad that i haven't share my old time with Tommy that much, i was too busy with my friends and my college.

I pet many things since i was a kid. Turtle, hamster, rabbit, cat, fish, but i think i wasn't that good in taking routine care of my pets. Mom like dogs, but she doesn't really know how to teach the dogs. My father always remind us, the family member, not too adopt any pet if we only love them on their 1st month being in the house. Need a big responsibility to own a pet. But maybe that time i didn't really think that much about what my father's said.

Well i live in the apartment where i actually can't have a pet, uhhh i hate it. Me and Imunk used to have cats, it was 7 years ago, we were so busy with our daily routines, the office activity. So we decided not to have cats anymore, or mmmm maybe 1 is okay hehehe... Well, since 2 years ago, we really want a dog to be in the family, we've been searching what kind of dog suits us, with our situation (in the apartment) and with our activity (working in the apartment most time). Pug. I've been browsing through the internet, searching all about Pug and their habit. We love Pug so much :)

Imunk always remind me about responsibility to own a pet, it's not that easy, you have to clean up the sh*t, you have to teach the dog, bla bla bla.... So it takes years for me and Imunk to finally decide to own a pet. 1 month before my wedding day, Imunk said i can have a pet. To calm me down from being bridezilla hehehe...

And BLACK! I want black little pug :).
And when i picked Bill up, he was so small, 2 months old, and his face is sooooo, pug.
His name is actually Black Comet Von Ringgo, i got Bill's certificate 3 months after, and he was born in Kartini's Day :D, April 21st. I should've pick Bill's sister too huhuhu!
I named him Bill, Musabill, because i think it suits him :)

I never thought i will be so happy with Bill as the new family member. When he first arrived, i didn't know how to take care of him. Me and Imunk browse may informations about pug puppy, we asked our friends, we really want to raise Bill in a proper way. When Bill is sick, we were so busy looking for a good doctor for him. As he grow, Imunk taught him manners, Bill is doing so great. He know that he can only pee and poo in the toilet. He know many things, and the most important thing is, he know when i'm sad, so always come to me and ask me to hug him, always.

I realized, it's not that easy to own a pet, to teach a dog how to behave, and sometime i don't understand when someone calling their self as a dog lover but they actually don't really want to know how to take care of a dog. Because to have a dog is not about just to have them, but to take care of them, giving them some of our time because they need us. Bill brought me so much happiness, he taught me to be calmer, he cheer me up every morning, and when i have to go to work outside the apartment, he never complaints, he just get too excited when i got home, like i leave him for 100years :'D

Until today, i still learn how to take care of a dog, to love and respect, so Bill will do the same thing to me. Bill remind me of the old dogs at my parent's house, i felt guilty. Why didn't i love them like i love Bill, take care of them like i do to Bill.

Now i understand why my Dad said that it needs a 'responsibility' to own a pet, and we have to be ready before we decide to adopt a pet. Bill is my friend, my little cupcake, and he's important for me and Imunk. We never leave the apartment too long, we always remember that Bill is there waiting for us, maybe he want to pee or poo and he just sit in front of the toilet waiting for us to open the door.

Maybe this story isn't mean that big for some people, but at least, i want to share to people whom claimed their self as a dog lover, think again, loving your dog means giving your time too, much time, not just some time.

Well here are my Bill, my good boy :)
and this is Bill's board on my interest.

So on April 21st, last week, i celebrated Bill's birthday. I made him a meat cake tart, whatever it is, but i'm sure it's delicious and he love it so much!!!

This denim vest is his favorite :). Bill really have no idea that day was his birthday. I said Happy Birthday Billy Boy since i woke up, for so many times. I think he knows :)

Bill smells the grilled meat, he couldn't get his mind out of it and concentrating his eyes to the cake too much. I only asked 1 minute to him to looking at the camera and he just won't listen, the grilled meat is messing his focus.

It's me, gave Bill his cake, and 2 second after this picture captured, he swallowed his first cake right away. Me and Imunk let him eat his favorite ice cream for his birthday dessert. Imunk also bought him a new water plate, so it's like a bowl to drink with big water gallon on top of it.

Happy Birthday Musa the Good Boy :), love you like hellll!!!!



Anonymous said...

I want have a pet too and i love dog.
Do you believe that my family had haved a chicken to be a pet?? hahahaha. But than the chicken was died before we eat..

Hopefully i can have my own pet, soon.
Happy brihtday Musabil

!ncreamnia said...

OMGGGG ngeliat tingkahnya bikin aku smiling this morning :'3
lucu ya dia bisa diem aja pas kaya mau niup lilinnya XD

happy cake day musabiiil.
jangan lupa minta mommy beliin baju baru yah ;p