Bye April Dreams.

It's almost 9pm. I'm blogging through my iPad while laying on my bed. I opened the curtain so I can see the rain and the storm light. I'm not sleepy yet, just waiting for my favorite tv series. Once, I looked at the window, I was thinking about so many things, but the city light, the rain, the traffic jam, all seems so quiet, I only can hear the sound of rain and my husband's breath while he's sleeping.

I like what I do now for living, I work with my deepest passion, my hobby is also part of my work, i can say..., I live from my birthday wishes. Thank You Allah...

Getting older means I earned experiences more and more, bad and good things, all are the ingredients that came from above. I let my mind think about which one I have to digest, and which one I have to skip, and also some part need to be deleted. So many times, I have to swim through so many different type of human/situation, where it's the opposite of my principals. Good people or bad people, good job or bad job, good project or bad project, good place or bad place, if I start it with my soul, I know which one should I pick, my heart talk when I want it talk to me...

In the end, I only look for 'things', things to fulfill the meaning of my life. I don't want to waste it for something wasted. I never tried to impress anything to anyone, as I remember I only do what I wanna do. And I have to keep it growing, the freedom, a serious type of freedom, and it begin with a serious type of hardwork. When the time is right, I will go back to school with another suburb of dreams. But, there will never be a right time, so let the dream sparks like a candle on birthday cake.

Before you make a wish..., make sure the monster in you is on their vacation, so it's just you and your heart will lead the way...

Can't wait for a giant glass of ice latte on meeting tomorrow :'). Good night pals.

"I don't dream at night, I dream all day, I dream for a living." - Steven Spielberg


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