ONLYi mid/13 Limited Koleksion - Caused by Mother Earth.


ONLYi mid/13 Limited Koleksion

One of Jupiter's Princess, is having her 17th birthday. Her name is Asmara. She's also a friend of the Semiramis Girls. She heard beautiful stories about Earth from Semiramis Girls. So this time, she asked Inga for 3 days trip to Earth, as her special birthday present. Asmara is an expressive kind of girl. She love doing experiments with her surrounding. Inga make Asmara's wish come true. Inga believe that Asmara is mature enough to taste the sweet and sour of this mysterious planet called Earth. Inga sent her whisper to the Lotus guard, and Pineapple will be Asmara's main tools to survive on the Planet Earth. Asmara won't waste her trip, it's once in a life time experience. Pineapple on Earth, will Asmara find her way to taste human's soul?

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Putri Karina said...

Cool concept! Seriously love all of them ;)