The Wedding of OC.

Today i just finished 1 part of my wedding story. It took me almost 10 months to set myself up to design the layout. So these photo below are some part of my 'wedding reception'. I will post the 'akad nikah' ('marriage solemnization') & 'wedding preparation' part later :), few pages need to be done (i haven't shut down my laptop for weeks), promise you the next post will be the akad nikah and the amazing preparation details. Well in the next 2 months i will be having my very 1st the real anniversary, after i celebrated the 7th anniversary as 'Couple' hehehe :).

Ten months ago, it's just 30x10=300days. So many things happened. Some are stay still pretty, some become awesome, some turned so bad, some suddenly blur. I lost one of my friend, he came to my wedding and gave me an unforgettable wishes in english with sundanese accent, was very funny and few months ago he passed. Rest in peace my friend, Hasbi. Me and Imunk have many friends but only few are close. We invited people that close to us that time, people that had contact with us about 3 months before our wedding day. Me and Imunk got a big issue (problems) in the progress of our marriage. I couldn't invite all cousins for 1 big matter i can't explain. But that year, i met new friends, new friends i like a lot to hang out with, and they also became important part of my wedding. I met them from a friend of me and Imunk, a really close friend the the last couple years. He was 1 of important part of my wedding, but everything has changes, like a lot. People, mistakes, selfish, and love. I'm very sensitive, once i like 1 person that much, i will always try to remember the goodness out of all the badness that ended everything. I hope he's doing great, and he will always be in me and Imunk's heart as 1 of the best friend of us. Oh let's end the sad story, i'm posting a happy beautiful moment just in a minute hehehe :')

On my wedding, i invited just closest friends, as me and Imunk wanted a simple small wedding celebration. We invited 100 people included family :), that's all we could afford hehehe... In 7 years relationship, we've been through a lot, and in the end we made it. We created our own dream wedding without letting anything or anyone could ever touched, it's our rule :). We worked so hard to make this wedding celebration happened. So after my 28th birthday plus Imunk proposed..., 2 months after that our wedding is happened, for real, finally :))

In 2 months preparation, it's just me, Imunk anddddd Hannaaaa Montanaaaa. At first, everything goes well, till a big new family problem came. It's all about the 'manners' thing and misunderstanding. I was too happy and expected beautiful things happen on the way to the wedding day. So when something happen out of my dream lists, i feel gloom, too gloom and i cried a lot. I spent my time most outside the house, not too close to the family, so i learned how to stand on my own choices. Imunk taught me how to share my heart, the 'heart' that i want to reach in the name of my wedding day. My heart was cold, it get cold because i realized i couldn't face the big problem that needed me to pass by before my wedding happened. I was thinking i'm not strong enough to get our relationship into marriage. I was so weak till i don't want to talk anymore. I pray a lot. One month before the day, i need to prepare so many things in doubted mind. I did not doubt Imunk, i knew he's the one, but i doubted myself. Pals, that explanation were also the reason why i finally finished designing part by part of the wedding. I need to set my self and my heart, to let go every failed expectations, and accept everything as my journey of life. Because all of the problems, me and Hanna give a sweet 6 out of magnificent 10 we've expected. Oh well, it's just 3 of us preparing the 2 months preparation time till the wedding day :), though many decoration weren't set as we expected hehehe, well '6' is Superb!

Thanks to my sister Tammy for helping us, my lil sister Kelly for the makeup artist, my Hanna for your big heart :) and super hard work (with Dede too :)), to Febby my love, to Ofan, Ninda, Oliver, Edu, Rency, Vien, Kiky, Citra, to my Diva Girls thanks for being with me in the morning :), to Mba Endah & Mas Endro, to my little baby Bill that always make me calm, to Jawa, and to Burgundy Dine & Wine Team, Bandung. Thanks so much Pals :D

These are my Wedding Celebration June 23rd 2013, the same day, same place as the Akad Nikah.
Soooo..., enjoy the photos :). And this is my wedding blog :)

Burgundy Dine & Wine, Bandung. Nearby hills and the mountains :), cold weather and gorgeous.

The Invitation for the confirmed guest, invitation for the wedding reception.

My Necklace, it's a crystal in heart shape. And my hand bouquet :)

The guests that came earlier, thank you guys :), sorry we're a bit late, Imunk was sick and he need to take a nap a bit, plus plus problems and blablabla hehehe. We really appreciate it guys :) muahhh!
I can see Unyil, Brew, Tanya, Tengku, Diana, Sharjeel, Heidy and Carl from the back :)

Citra & Kiky are my lil sister's friends, they helped me on the guest book, a bit mistakes on briefing the guests to sign the book, but later after that everything is managed well, thanks girls :). Ajeng & Zaky came while Diana & Sharjeel take a picture at the back hihihihi. Sonia & Audrio also came woohooo!

Here are the souvenirs :)

For girls i have a little paper bag with lil vintage pouch, mirror and chocolate coins :), also a simple card with lucky charm inside plus a flower headband if they want :). For the boys, you can take guitar pick with our OC initial in yellow color :). I also have few wood rods, it's actually not for every guest, if they want it they can take it, but i forgot to take the price tag down hahahahaha, oh my God, sorry guys :p. 

Some of the wedding details :) I bought the things everywhere, i want it colorful with yellow as the color captain. For all the traditional snacks, Hanna bought them at traditional market nearby her house. Like a childhood memories :')

My sister Tammy wrote the guests name on the stone :). The printed tissue i found at Pasar Asemka and Ace Hardware. The table cover are actually ONLYI's packaging fabrics, hehehe, but some of the table cover i bought at flea market.

Check out the strawberry, roses and tiger prints :), i felt like in a jungle of luoooveee :D

Hello there, i love the green grass... I stole pictures from Diana and Sonia heehehe...


My husband, a bit flu :( but still handsome :)

Check out my lil flower girl, Faye :) with her sabrina dress...

The birds Imunk bought :), they've been waiting for us to released them since morning, bye bye birdie, always together, forever...

Intimate speech from me and my beloved friends :)

Bla bla bla..., hahahahhaha i talked about the longest 2 monts i've ever been, the hardest and the happiest moment in the end. We're officially husband and wife :)

As we live with low lights at night everyday, so we kept the same way for our wedding :p
Welcome to our wedding, have a cheerful cold night with me nearby the mountains :)

We were not in a fit condition, but we're just too happy it's happening...

Familia Picture.

Almost forgot to throw the flower bouquet, 1, 2, 3, mind your head :)

The hand bouquets catch by Ajeng. She'll get married few months after my wedding, woohooo!

I found the vintage wedding cake online :), i love it so much... Btw, my flower crown made by my sister Tammy, actually i've already order from the professionals, but.... another problems from out of dozens problem happened on the way to my the wedding day, believe it or not the maker suddenly asked me to pay it full before the day, and it's not part of the deal. And guess whatttt! I left my Akad Nikah & Wedding Dress together with Imunk's at the Apartment in Jakarta. So i get really stress and mad that time, it was 1 day before the day and we were already in bandung hahahaha... Crazy huh! Anyway, i love the crown, thanks Mbak, it's beautiful and meaningful :*

Mr & Mrs Sharif :D

Beautiful pictures from Sonia Eryka :), thanks Sonia, love you.

Friends busy with their dinner :), open bar on the right corner, have a blast night!

With Uncle Danan and Naughty Ed!

Thanks for coming family & friends :)

The night was soooo cold :')

Dancing. I like to see everyone is on perfect dress code :), nice tone!

The Girls in sunflower prints. I'm so happy most of my invitation gave their time to come to Bandung and spent the night with us. Thanks everyone :)


It's not June 23rd anymore, it's 24th already :D. These are the last gank that finished the last bottle...

Dirty shoes :'). The End.

See you on my Akad Nikah and Wedding Preparation Story :')
Once again, Happy Birthday to me hehehe :')
I hope you all can also create your own dream wedding, DIY your wedding!


chieliciouz said...

what a simply, quirky and yet lovely wedding kak! awaiting another wedding post from you :')


Lulut Marganingtyas said...

I smiled when reading this post. super sweet :)


DiamondHurts said...

thanks pals :'), will post the next part a.s.a.p :D thanks for reading and seeing the pictures heehehe

DiamondHurts said...

thanks pals :'), will post the next part a.s.a.p :D thanks for reading and seeing the pictures heehehe

Gricia (Cia) said...

such a beautiful and intimate wedding =') really love the ambience! Even thou there's few problems but u've made it and it turns to a very beautiful wedding. Cant wait for your next post =))

Hanna Irena said...

such a super pretty and vintage wedding kak :) i love it. hope you have a great marriage live :) God bless

Ratie said...

Hi Cindy! This is the first time for me to write here, on your blog, since a year ago, where I started to be your silent reader. Hehe.. This super lovely and sweet post barely can't stop me from write this down for you. You're such an artist! I really admire your work, your creation, your creativity. What you're doing in your wedding album here is such a big art work that full of love and colors and happiness. Just want you to know that everything that you've worked on always bring a spark of inspiration at least to me and hopefully for others too. Keep doing what you're doing right now. Love to see what's next from you. Wish you a full and blessed life. Sincerely, your ex silent reader :D