Happy Birthday to me :'D
Exactly a year ago, Imunk proposed me :) with all of his magnificent plans, that i couldn't accept (that time), remember the story? Here is the post. Well, that was actually the best prissy i've ever had :')

Today, when i woke up, i only looked for a text or call from Mom. She texted me with lots of beautiful wishes, 1 of them is 'don't forget your parents dear...', i'm sad and happy in the same time. My husband is always been the greatest present for every single day in my life. He got me nothing but himself as one of the most caring person for my daily dose, i will be insane if he's not around, hehehehe...

Besides Mom and husband, i also waited for my elder and little sister calls. And the last lists will completed my life, Oliver, Ed and my Diva Girls, and everything is just perfect, so i can call today as a superb birthday :') Another 365days for me to catch my dreams into the next level, uhhh ohhh...!

And and and..., i've been designing my wedding book since a week ago, a very delay project that i've should have done months ago... So the 'reception' part is finished, just finished this afternoon :_D. Now i'm moving on designing the 'akad' part, oh my God..., hundreds picture to goooo..., keep up the BIrthday Spirit! Yeayyy! So tonight, i will post my wedding reception book as my own birthday prissy :) I hope you all have a little inspiration from the post.

I'll see you on the next post! :)

Birthday Girl


Christy .. said...

Happy Birthday Cindy!


Natwest said...

Happy birthday Cindy

chieliciouz said...

happy belated birthday kakak!
wish you happy ever after life ^^

God Bless you..