Hello Yellow!

For my pals and Oi Girls whom planned to visit BAM! Booth at CosmoGirl Festival, i'm so sorry i only joined the booth yesterday Friday 31 May, 2013. Today and tomorrow BAM! will not be at booth A1 caused by few problem. I'm so sorry, but i will take a picture of the products that is still available from my CosmoGirl Fest booth. Will sell it on ONLYi blog and Facebook a.s.a.p. And for ONLYi old stocks, i will keep the Special Price for you all :). Promise!

But, i still have to finish my duty to share and talk about 'how to be a smart blogger'. Mmmm, of course 'smart blogger' in my way of thinking hehehe, it's not a serious seminar, so i hope i can give you a fun session where we all can share anything about blogging.

Andddd, if you want to come, i'll there at 2pm Sunday June 2, 2013. I have my artworks giveaway for audience with great questions and passion. Soooo..., come come :)

I'll see you tomorrow and once again i'm so sorry for BAM!


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