lil love from the camera phone...

September..., i started my hectic September with tons of feelings.
You all must be agree, it is a bit hard to capture your sad moment.
I always bring my galaxy note everywhere, once again i'm not promoting any brand here.
Whenever i 'm bored, i always see my picture gallery and post some to path or instagram, just to have fun with myself. I tell you what, if i can express my feelings started this September, i know i will be so tired by the 1st week of September, a serious type of tired -_-. My character i don't have to explain, but i know i always try to fix myself whenever i feel damage inside. Taking pictures is like pills to let everything go with the flow...

Loading the flower decoration, i have sakura tree, apple tree, orange tree, etc... Lovely!

Coffee from work, i like it! It's a bit strong and boom boom boom! It's a local brand coffee, Pandava.

Decoration from my fav food court, eat & eat Summarecon Serpong. The one at Kota Kasablanka is also mesmerizing :)

Believe it or not, the prints for CINDIL turns so beautiful in silk. My next projek, will tell u later ;)

I have a big hole on my right ear, the plug hole is smaller now *my skin heals magically fast! This lovely eating i bought from 1 accessory booth called Cataleya *if i'm not mistaken :p. The eatings got 2 side so the big hole on my right ear won't matter :), hihihihi...

Dunkin Donuts! My secret: The Ice Coffee Latte, Hazelnut, so yummy!, the only donut i like after the donut kampung hehe! Donut kampung taste like 100% home made donut with powder sugar :D

Both are my favorite!

Test test 1, 2, 3! TORO.BIAN & ONLYi stamps...

Brainstorming the showcase with psd because everybody else are busy :_(

BAM!! Tag and TORO.BIAN Hepburn & Love Prints.

A pair of vintage shoes..., the only pair left from my wardrobe room roof leaked disaster. All are wet :_(

1.30am: I can't stop eating!

Morning duty...

I promise i'll create some tonite, this picture taken few days ago for McFriends Booth, and today by the time i post this blogpost, what you see up there are sold out :_D

Isn't that lovely?? I feel like a rabbit dying for greenland...

My artworks, featured.

If i don't have you, i will never be myself today...

Twiggy prints, for Twiggy PlayDay :D

I promise i'll go on a diet tomorrow, promise :_D

I hate when people gimme small portion -_-, i want 3 plate of 'Asinan', right nowwww!!!!

Vintage shirt i love, it's a gift from my ex designer assistant, Hanna :)


Claradevi Handriatmaja said...

Ka cin, ka cin...
I wish my life is as colorful as you are!
And please forget about diet...
"DIET ALWAYS START TOMORROW" - my kind of life principal LOL x)) #dietsucks

What I love most about September is that I finally moved closer to youuuuu and hopefully seeing you soon <3

Claire x

hanna sitompul said...

di pake sama kakak baguuuusss :D