Respect with No Expectation.

"Do not trust those people who appears to be happy of all the time..."

When i was in a high school, the only social media i have is Friendster and MySpace. I bet some of you are also same age as mine... Experienced a new fun social media, and it takes time to handle it wisely. My ex-boyfriend cheated on my through MySpace, and believe it or not, i'm the one who taught him how to create a MySpace account :'|

This era is where most people is compete to have a lot of friends, even a lot of accounts. Account 1 full, account 2 full, geez... So when time goes by, people started to think and faced the social media wisely...
Nowadays, there are so many type of social media we can choose. Let's say Facebook. I have 1 facebook account with quite a lot of friends for me to remember. Around 500 plus, that is accumulation from friends, best friends, people i just met, partners, and few strangers whom asked me privately to accept their friend requests.

I posted many photos, of me, my friends and even my family. I started to think to keep it more private, as not all 500 plus of my Facebook friends ever interact with me or even say hi. So i keep friends only, now is only around 300 on my Facebook.

And then there is Twitter, which i dont really like and people started become strange and now strangers... What is the point of became friends if we never even say hi. Isn't that the point of social media? To keep friends closer and make a new friends?
And then Path, i like this Path thing. I only keep alive humans, they interract with me and i like the way Path works... Eventho sometimes there are still dead people on the list, but i think everyone know that Path is never meant for these silent or dead relationship between friends.

And then there is Instagram, i just joined about 3 months ago. I surely follow my friends, and things i like. Loving anything that makes me smile. The thing is, i can feel someone's hapiness or sadness through their photos. I treat every social media as a place where i can get in touch with my friends eventho we've met only once a year..., so i know what they like, they interests, and especially when i can be happy of their happiness.

Guess what? The world isn't as easy as that anymore... People start to build a rule of how they treat their social media eventho they're not 'a product'. This thing called "image" is more important than anything natural... How do you feel when your friend is following you at first, and you followed back and one day you found out you've been unfollowed don't know since when, and the explanation they can give is as easy as the qind blows... "it's just instagram, i'm still your friend". Isn't that a very poor no hearted answer? What if i asked, "you unfollowed me but you follow h&m and another hundreds bunch of strangers".

I just find out why this type of human, when they answer me like it is so normal to treat a 'friend' not a stranger, just like that... That person should read more about 'love', there's a psychology reason for this. When they click 'unfollow', there must be something came out from your mind. And it is totally disrespect and no manners to take this thing as a normal case. One day we will understand that to have friends is way more important than to have cool image. I don't judge, i just stimulate my brain looking for the most positif answer by doing 'unfriend' to your friend. All answer came out from my brain cells is either 'i don't like you' (many reasons) or 'i want to keep the cool one' (for benefits relationship). Search and browse about this, and my brain is not that bad, all the answer came out from the internet research are almost same as my natural way of thinking.

What is wrong with the world? Why people love creating 'happy image' instead of being 'natural', be like a normal human being. Not just in a real life, but the way you want everyone in the world sees you, what you 'follow', what you 'like/love', what 'inspires' you. Why do you have to set up all those 'image' and without you even realized you forget about who you really are. Life isn't all about happiness. Loving people you know is more important than trying to get some love from people you don't really know.

I wrote so many times about, 'don't chase your popularity'. Become popular is a risk of creating great works. And by being yourself you won't loose your loyal fans (if you really care about fans..). Whatever you do, good or bad, we're just a human, good people will never judge your artwork or anything you've created, just because you don't put a make up on today. It's okay to post a photo from your phone not a photo from your baddas camera, some people need this thing called 'moments', not things called 'made by design' all the time...  But when they left you, you must feel greatful because you automatically loosing 1 person that don't really love you from the heart.
Whatever the reason is, don't treat everything with rules, life is freedom and love is for us to share not to be jealous about... Life is not a competition, so get real human, be human, be natural..., don't be such a pain in the ass... because however you put happy sparks on your face, or a blossom color on your cheeks, God give us a thing called 'sense', so we can feel without you have to tell...
Be honest with your heart, when you're angry, there's nothing wrong with that. Don't cover your life with happiness, because not everyone loves the fake drama of soap opera.

Me..., i never treat people like that. So..., i dislike being treat like that too... Some people are wisely shut their mouth or even their heart when they have been in this situation. But for me, i only want my life surrounded by honest humans with full of respect. That is what my family taught me, Respect is the first weapons to face the world. Even if you don't like, act with respect...

What i wrote few days ago, about life, friendship and business? It's real..., people started to treat their life in business minded. And what makes it horrible is, when they think it's normal...


A picture of my sister's house, before his husband's birthday celebration. I find this picture interesting and suits my blog post. What i mean is, a happy situation will not always have a happy contents. Most people who attended this party may looks happy too, but who knows they keep their sadness deep down inside their heart.

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