Finally in Town, Timberland.

Welcoming Timberland in Jakarta!

As i remember, about 10 years ago, i only can find Timberland in a small counter at a mall in Pondok Indah. It was long long time ago. But nowww, the store is finally here in town. I can easily find Timberland Store at Plaza Indonesia, Senayan City and Lotte Shopping Avenue, all are so close to my apartment, what can i say... that's the no.1 benefit to live in the center heart of the city haha!

Talking about Timberland, in 2011 i was working as a personal stylist for a young Indonesian singer. And when she had this big performance with a lot of dancer, i need to prepare every single thing from head to toe, from the singer herself and all dancer. Not just 1 set costume i had to prepare, it was 3 set costumes for 1 performance. I remember a lot about how hard it is to find a perfect pair of boots, yet comfortable and match to all 3 costume.

Lucky me, i had a great team so i can focus myself only to the singer without any worries about the dancer's detail. In my head that time was just Timberland Yellow Boots. It's 'classic' yet 'sophisticated'. It's appearance always give me 'tough' and 'outstanding' look, and that's the look i'm about to approach from the performance. Nothing else crossed my mind but Timberland boots. So i asked my stylist assistant to find Timberland boots right away... I can't share the picture of the look i've created that time to this blogpost, but i did a quick mix & match board about 1 of the look so you all can imagine how important the boots to the look :)

(So this is the last look out of all 3 set performance look i've created for the singer performance. Fyi, she sing a little bit of dance pop music, and this Timberland boots rocks her performance!)

For your information, Timberland platform says it all "Best Then. Better Now", inspired by the past, but crafted for today. And i really like this big commitment to sustainability, through the use of recycled materials and other eco-conscious building practices. Timberland will also celebrate their 40 years anniversary of the Iconic Yellow Boots this year. They will be showcasing 8 of the limited and teamed-up projects of 6 inch boots from various collaborations featuring Japanese designer, artist, photographer and many more, will be held at Plaza Indonesia.

And by the way..., husband got this secret project related to his serious hobby (for my readers for sure know what that is :D...) and we will definitely have  our trip to Gunung Gede and Gunung Salak, next year :) So, i think it's a perfect reason to get me and husband a pair of Timberland iconic boots isn't it?

That's it pals..., wait for my next post about Timberland and enjoy the inspiration board casual look with Timberland boots! Ciaooo!

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