Lost in CMYK.

If you ask me, what is my favorite color?
Magenta, yellow, purple, turquoise, beige, grey..., i like them all.
And i feel so bad if i didn't mention orange, white, blue, red, black and the rest of the family...

Last weekend Mother got me a beautiful rainbow silk loose dress from Thailand. I can say, she really understand me. She bought 3 piece with different kind of color combinations. The earth color combination of course taken by my elder sister, Tammy. Mother said i will surely choose the bright color combinations. She also bought me so many colorful items like handmade ring box, embroidered bag, pouch and beautiful flower prints scarfs.

This morning when i woke up, i feel something is happening inside my body, something is changing. It isn't as simply as a moody feelings. It's more than that, and i don't know what that is... My face skin is not as smooth as last month, my hair is fallen and my head is easily got dizzy in the afternoon. At night i sometimes hard to sleep, hard to breath and the tears suddenly falling down my cheek with no reason.

But there are also beautiful things happening to me..., Thanks God for my husband and my dog Bill. They always give me the best smile every morning, so i won't feel that bad when i'm awake... I listen to my favorite playlist and i sing a lot at the bathroom. I am so happy to see my stomach getting bigger everyday... I eat fruits a lot, i often mix the fruit colors in a big plate to make it looks more desirable. Today i have 7 type of fruit on my cooler, i have red, yellow, orange and green, and they are strawberry, watermelon, star fruits, mango, orange, banana and pear. Arranging the fruits makes me happy. Bill also loves mango, he didn't responds if i give him star fruits.

One thing i realized never change at all is, my eyes and my thoughts about colors. So when i write this blogpost, i mostly edit the photos to balance all the tone colors, it takes time and sometime drive me to surf beautiful artworks. And suddenly i found this psychedelic animal paintings, uhhh... love at the first sight! So the great artist behind is Jennifer Keller, she's not just a painter, she also create many beautiful mix media artwork using recycle items, fabrics and she mix it with acrylic paints. She also paints on recycle sculpture mould, you have to check her work on her website :) Jennifer Keller is definitely my new favorite artist, i like everything she created, from acrylic painting on canvas to her mix media artwork, color madness and viva la psychedelic world! :)

Summer Freedom
by Jennifer Keller
Acrylic on Canvas - 2010

Talking about color madness, i forgot to share my new clutch i bought few months ago from fashion bazaar. I like the base texture of this oversized clutch, it's cork board material with color texture all around. First time i saw it, i bought it right away hehe! Btw i just change my phone casing, it was pink and dirty, super dirty hehe..., i like this new fresh color so much! The note book is from Cia, thanks so much Cia, it's a lovely gift!!

See you on the next post! Ciaooo!

- All illustration, artwork and paintings are courtesy of Jennifer Keller -
( dress - gift from Mom / shoes - foo radise / ring - timbeelo (gift from Oliver)  / clutch - bought from a fashion bazaar / earrings - gift from Abigail / notebook - gift from Cia / necklace - bought from pakistani street market / hair accessory - Irian Jaya handmade bought from Alun-alun )


dinda belle said...

That's awesome !! Btw congrats for the baby boo inside :) stay healthy !

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

That dress is so awesome! xx


Gricia (Cia) said...

The rainbow dress is pretty and comfy for ur baby bump ;) stay healthy dear mom to be =))