Baby Shower :)

Alittle baby shower party with few friends 2 weeks ago :)
I never celebrate a big party for my occasion, even i only invited few people for my wedding party.
For me, it's not about the quantity but the quality :) I know, i never feel comfortable with strangers who come to my place or my private occasion. And i feel so happy if i know people around me are the people i love :). I am so glad to have this people as part of my once in a life time moment, baby shower.

Tammy is my sister, Hanna is my ex-assistant, Febby is my BFF since high school and Orien is my BFF since college :). I actually have a group of girl friends friends from high school, but too bad they were too busy :), i guess...

I decided to make pizza, choco lava cake and milk tea choco jelly for them. I've been sooooo busy since morning, and i think my foot are swollen because i stand still for too long at the kitchen. Imunk bought meat ball noodles and chicken satay nearby apartment. I guess 1 portion for each was enough, but guess what..., next time i need to doubled all the portion eventho i have quiet much menu on the lists, these breast feeding Mommas, Orien and Febby need extra supply for each menu hahahahaha... 

Well, it was super funnnnn, we took photos, make videos, and the ladies fill up some of paper i've created, wishes for the baby, guessing due date and making this wall art for Silver's room. Orien's husband and Ajil were also came, Bill is being a very great boy that time. I made my very first cupcake for 1 of the girl's goodies beside tote bag and charm case :)

I was so tired but it worth the memories..., thanks to you all friends...



Ike BabyShowers said...

I've never seen a baby shower theme like this. I love it!!

Jelita Andini said...

what a cute baby shower partyyyy kak cindyyy <3
Silver must be an artsy baby soon ;))