Tuesday to Friday.

Had a day with my husband cleaning up all corner of the apartment. This never ending 'clean up day', for the sake of preparing the baby room is sometimes really exhausting. So after a long day tidy up, new room composition always brought us a new ambience and mood too. My husband said i need a make-up corner, as i always put all the make up at the bathroom, i never had any special table or mirror for make-up. This sweet thought of him is somehow make me feel that i am so lucky to marry him :). We live in a small apartment, 1 master bedroom, 1 small bedroom that use to be my working room or my little working studio and now become our baby's room, 2 bathroom (1 inside the bedroom and 1 outside), a living room, kitchen and a small room plus small bathroom at the back (now we use it to put some of ONLYi's stuff and the bathroom is for Bill). Not a big apartment, but ok for us :).

I had tooooo much stuff for someone who live in the apartment, my husband said, if i have these much stuff i should've live in a house with at least 6 large room just to put my personal stuff exclude my studio and working tools :_D. Oh well, someday.... Now, i need to give away some of my stuff, sell some of them, and let some of my favorite items to be kept on the boxes. All the boxes are surely will not fit at the apartment, some of them are stay at my husband's sister house and my sister's house. Huffft..., can you imagine?? All for my baby Silver :), thou i lost my working room, i am very happy to create a new ambience for the baby's room...

After a long day, i asked my husband to take a picture of me wearing my daily wardrobe. Tuesday to Friday means busy day for me :), i always treat Saturday, Sunday and Monday as a holiday... So here are some of my mix and match (while i'm pregnant) from Tuesday to Friday, same make-up but different choice of my favorite lipstick. I explain to you 1 by 1, this blogpost is not a sponsor blogpost, i only want to share some products i use for my daily make-up, because make-up is really important for our whole look, especially for pregnant lady like me :).

For make-up i usually using MAKEUP Forever as the base, but for daily activity i don't use base or any make-up foundation, i directly just use MAC powder because this MAC beauty powder i use contains a light foundation and cover my face skin smoothly. After that i'm using TOPSHOP bronzer as the blush on and natural shading for my face part, this cool bronzer i always use, got color gradation from pink, cream to light brown. It always give me a perfect color tone after using powder.

For eyeshadow i'm using Sephora from my Sephora my pallete kit, i pick brown tone for my daily make-up. I like sephora eyeshadow because it sticks perfectly. I usually combine 2 color, light brown and dark brown, and give a little bit of white/cream eyeshadow color for the shimmer effects. Brown eyebrow pencil and black eyeliner from MAKEUP Forever, and sometimes i put mascara on too, the mascara is from Maybelline.

Last touch, before i wear lipstick, i put lip balm on first, i like this orange balm lippy from Body Shop, or strawberry sorbet and sweet vanilla nonsense from EOS. After that i put the lipstick on as my whole look wrapper :).

And..., the look will never be perfect without a match scents. My current daily scents are, Purr by Katy Perry (i bought this because of the packaging hahahaha, but the smell is also amazing :)), Kate Moss Parfume by Kate Moss, Love Etc. by Body Shop and the classic Flower by KENZO.

Enjoy my daily mix and match! :*

My favorite red turban, vintage glasses, black and white Zara dress, black cotton outer, my ethnic necklace i bought from Bali, Timberland boots, Armani Exchange tote bag.
Lipstick: MAC Sheen Supreme  - Sweet Grenadine 

Green turban, vintage scarf, Indian prints tote bag, purple pattern dress by Sports Girl, and Timberland boots. 
Lipstick: REVLON O54 - Fuchsia Frost

Pink turban, sequin top, @retiredstylist necklace, skirt and bag Mom bought me from Thailand, Timberland boots.
Lipstick: MAC A90 - Satin Pink Nouveau

Tailor made crop top, ONLYi tote bag, BAM! Necklace, earrings from Abigail, warehouse paisley prints hareem, Timberland boots.
Lipstick: MAC A10 - Cremesheen Hang up

“All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't.” 
Marilyn Monroe

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