Week 36.

Entering my 36th week of pregnancy. Many changes at this month, tough experiences on my body and mind. The pain, the sad feelings, the heart burn..., all came unexpected this last 2 weeks. I cries at night twice this week :_(, no reason, just gloomy feelings... So lucky to have my beautiful husband around me all the time... He encourage me and told me that by the time i cry right now, there are thousands mother to be feeling the same way... He said, don't worry because he will be around me during the labour. He gave me love and that's all i need. So after i cried twice last week, i think i am so ready to be strong till the day. I need more walk than yesterday, i need more yoga, and i need to stabilize my mind. 

Yesterday, i finally had this photo session with my friend Lele :). We actually plan this 2months ago, a bit hard to manage our time hahahaha. I will post the result of our photo session soon after Lele send me the file ok :). While he was at the apartment, i asked his help to take a picture for my blogpost too hehehehe... i love the pictures so much, thank you Lele :). Btw, i gained 14 kilos already, the baby is now 2.6 kilos, and i will see him soon in 2 weeks :D ahhh mixed feelings yet super excited! Wish me luck :)

( croptop - topshop // skirt - ONLYi // clutch - topshop // hat - leather shop Aus // boots - Timberland )

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