Musabill 3rd Birthday!

April 21st 2015, Bill turn 3 years old.

Every year, i always make a little celebration for him. Make him something he will love to eat. And this time, i bought him beef sausages at the supermarket nearby Silver's Wood. As usual, early in the morning, Bill always knock on the door. He just have no idea if that day was his birthday. While preparing breakfast for my husband and son, i also prepare Bill's sausage cake :). Bill noticed the smell of the sausages boiled on pan. I told him to wait and sing a little bit of birthday song for him with Silver. Silver is the one who always share his breakfast with Bill, not literally share, but Silver love to throw his breakfast and Bill is the one who clean it up. I haven't post anything here on my blog for months, i think i never mention to you all that i also adopted a black pug from Garda Satwa Indonesia. And his name was Momon but i decided to change his name to John, new name for a new better life :).

Bill is calm, lovely, lazy, wise and adorableeee, and John... hmmm let me introduce you to this little naughty John. Btw, the picture above is Bill with his birthday sausages, and John is the one with me and Silver on the picture below, because they both now look the same :). John landed here at Silver's Wood a bit slim, but after 2months here, his size is almost close to Bill's size, well Bill loose some weight here, maybe because he is now moving and running much more than when we were at the apartment. My husband trained John for 2months, just a basic rules. John was an insecure dog, he love to bark and bite if we tried to move his meals, he pee and poo around, and i think he got a bad trauma from his ex-master. Poor John..., he eat like there is no tomorrow :( But now, John is a happy, cheerful, active and cute dog :), even though he still need more lesson to behave. Bill is the opposite of John, he's super lazy since we move here to Silver's Wood, and he don't really get along with John. John try so hard to play with Bill, John is so naughty, i really can't tell you how naughty John is :D

Anyways..., they eat the sausage cake together. I don't know when was John's birthday. So, let's make Bill birthday is also John's Birthday. Maybe John is 1 years old. So :), Happy 3rd birthday Billy Boy, if you are a human you are 21 years old and you can have your first beer :). Happy 1st birthday John :), whoever and however your ex-master treat you..., you are now one of our family member and we love you so much!

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