I asked my house keeper to take a picture of us before we went to the city this afternoon. I asked her to hold the camera still, and keep the composition straight, but the result is a bit hmmm... you know :_D. Well, it's a bit hard to bring Bill and John together with us on the picture. Bill is actually very easy to communicate, but John always distract his focus to do something else (mostly naughty things). On the first picture, i think that's the best picture of us, 5 of us. Though husband looks not ready, John wasn't on his position, and Silver doesn't look happy :_D

This second picture below suppose to be a nice picture. Silver was smiling at me :). But first, Bill is missing. And second, John is doing a really bad thing :(. We didn't realise, till i saw this picture. John oh Johnny Boy....

The third picture, there are 5 of us. Again..., Bill and John were not ready. But Silver's face looks so funnyyyyyy :). Sometimes, a great picture is not all about the composition. When it came with memory of happiness, a picture will always be kept in our heart.

The Sharif's

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