You know..., i learn so many things from my husband's family. Mostly, about love. On the photos are Silver's cousins. From the photo above, from the left is Farrel, Skye, Fabian and Gabriel. Silver is lucky to have brothers like them. I've never seen that kind of 'love' showed from their face, their smile, their question, their body language, whenever they see Silver. Four of them are my sister in-law's sons.

Farrel is the oldest. He's calm and very gentle when he's close to Silver. Gabriel is the second oldest, he always ask about Silver, he even told his Mom that he keep on thinking about Silver :). Whenever he sees Silver, he always say Silver is 'too cute', G is such a sweet loving brother. Fabian is Farrel little brother. He always want to kiss and carry Silver. He forget to kiss me and always kiss Silver first :). And last is Skye, Gabriel's baby brother :), not a baby anymore since Silver is born. Skye always help me to change Silver's diapers, he love to help :). Skye is curious about Silver, he love to see what Silver do.

It was so much fun taking photo of them :). I love you boys, forever.

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the writer said...

Such a loving brotherhood! I am not close to my family nor cousin so these pictures warm my heart. Silver is a lucky baby :)