They are magic.

They are magic, and i call them Love.
I am not a beautiful creature, i am surrounded by sin and also flowers. I seek a better weather each day to heal my foggy soul, to clear my sparkling heart so i can give more love to the treasure i have today.

They made me quit to some daily habits that will kill me slowly.
They made me love to make our house free of dirty dust.
They made me awake when the sun knock knock the bedroom windows.

Some people might think i am as hard as the rock above the sea.
But once the magic came to my every day..., my heart, my love, my life, melt away like a vanilla ice cream below the Jakarta's heat...

I never loose myself, i am still be myself...
But with them, i am becoming the better me,
and kill my selfishness away...

So today, i started to believe in 'magic'.


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