My life right now...

Hello, it's 10 pass and i decided to write my blog, again...
I haven't got any idea for my work, my brain is too lazy to think about creating concept, maybe tomorrow morning will be a better time for me to finish my work :) Just now, I looked up my photo folders on my laptop, and ohhh... i miss writing this blog again. I never really have time since i'm in this motherhood life :) I only have little energy left each day, and i mostly use it to do my work, to rest and to sleep :) I still took photos, especially photo of my son, each day, everyday, through my mobile phone or camera, i keep every moment complete in my photo folders, and here are some of them if you want to see... Silver fulfill my life, with laughs, screams, cries, so much love love love, and so many new experience i've never expected... He's sleep beside me right now, wearing his cute pajama, and his tiny hand holding his lousy pillow. He's so beautiful, cute, sweet, he's just adorable, he's the greatest gift from above and i'm so lucky to be his mother. He taught me so many thing, it's like..., my life is just begin, and before that... i think i was just playing around :). My life getting so serious now, serious but with more colorful love from Silver. It's really hard for me to write how it feels to be myself with Silver in my life, and with my husband too of course, and plus with my four legs darlings. Each day goes faster than before, Silver grow too fast... But when i thought i can't get through the rough time, i always have Silver's smile in my heart. My relationship with my husband change a lot, having our time together for almost 11 years made us tougher than we used to. Without any words, our heart always in the same beat, same path, he is my soul mate :)

Tell me about 'time management'. How can i write my blog like i used too? My last post was on October 2015, oh my... i'm a bad mother for my blog :D. That little time i have each day, i mostly use it for my works. I'd love to share my upcoming projects here on my blog, but there is something need to be done this week til the end of March, all about house work and business. After that, one of my wish list is to write my blog again, maybe not everyday,  but at least twice a week?

Oh i forgot to introduce our new family member, his name is Ted the Golden Retriever i adopted from a family that couldn't have him anymore because of economical reason. We are so lucky to have you handsome, lovable and wise Ted :) So far, Ted is John's best friend.

Look at my son :), he grow so fast isn't he? I've got many pictures of him on my camera, will try to collect them in one folder and make a photo collage to see his transformation from baby to 2 years old, he will be 2y/o this June. I hope you all still want to read my blog :), more stories coming up, and sure will share to you many thing about my way raising up my baby in the middle of this beautiful quiet place #silverswood . See you on the next blog post! Ciao!


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Jelita Andini said...

Yes, Ma'am I miss your blog update too hehe
you're not a bad blogger, you're a great mom. Seeing Silver looks so well full of happiness makes me feel so happy too (because I love children, am an auntie for 2 kids).
So see ya for your next post, kak cindy!