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It's good to be back here again, after a longggggg longggg tim :), i really miss this blog, a lot!
Yesterday, a friend of mine, he actually my high school friend and now neighbor, came by. He actually the only friend i have around here, so..., yeah we spent our late afternoon walking around Silver Woods, and here are some photos :)

I really want to share my experiences about my life during these days. My business, my house, my plants, my son, my kitchen, my weight hehehe, many more... But, seriously, being a full time mother is a serious thing, thanks to my husband who always been there, with me, with Silver, all the time. I tried to record some of my activities using my camera, planned to collage them onto a short story, but we'll see :)

My work is doing okay, not many but enough to make my days busy. I took so many photos of my work, tried to arrange all of them and plus my portfolios, so i can publish them nicely, but still need more time to do it.

After almost 3 years live in this neighborhood, my house is still messy. No helper, no gardener at the moment, no one but three of us. I need to make a house gate, so my dogs will be safer, need to build their house too, it's still half way process. My gallery is a mess, my stuff from the apartment are too much, so i need to let some of them go, and it means i need more time to clean them up.

This and that, all by ourselves. If i have to write them down, all of them, every single details, i will spent a week on each blog post hehehe... Oh well, i hope you enjoy the photos. Ciao!!

photo by @mbot_

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