How many people you really need in your life? Or how many people you really care about?
How many people you hang around with, but you don't really like? Or how many people you love but they don't realize?

How many people you treat as friends? Or how many people you claimed as family?
Oh..., it's been a long time, too long since the last time i met a strangers become friend.
This morning, just like yesterday and any other day...  I heard prayers, i heard unknown bird singing, i drink my coffee with this fake sweetener and i believe it or not still drink it.

How many trees you know in your life? You know them well even you walk pass it everyday in front of your house? Like how many times it change color in a year, how they react to the climate change?

How many kind of spider you've seen and you know it's exist to be part of Earth's creature? How many kind of ants, and what is their interests in looking for foods? How painful their bite or they don't bite at all? Some of them smells so bad if we squeeze it. Which ant exist in woods?

If you think you know everything.
These and That.

photo by @mbot_

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