imaginary scene, kitchen 24 hours.


I was imagining, these days. The day where i saw my son in a living room, smiling, and there's a colorful lights on the corner. I didn't design for this, it came just like that..., naturally... dream came true.

But, i never imagined, it will be so busy doing this motherhood. I like being around in the kitchen, cooking for husband and Silver. But..., again..., cooking for family 1 full day, from breakfast, snacks, lunch, munchies, dinner, drinks, these and that, can u even imagine the dishes after? :_D

Oh yes, tell me about it.
I can't even write it down :_D
Let me try to write down, today's meals.

In the morning.

Silver pick his own food and drinks, because we have small refrigerator he can reach himself.
But not so long after that, he will make a surprise requests, such as, "i want banana cake, let's make banana cake..". So  i prepare everything, the flour, sugar, butter, eggs, ripe all the bananas, Silver involve in each process, but of course it will take many risks, such as, dirty floor because he (of course) will drop some of the ingredients, especially the flour and sugar, sometimes the eggs.

Meanwhile, he will ask for another thing (he get bored and leave me with all the cupcakes things), he will ask for food like chocolate chips, cheese, even ice cream. He asked again for milk or yogurt (and i am still busy with cupcakes in the making progress).

While the cupcakes are on the oven, he will ask for rice and egg or even noodle.
And i need to prepare it for him and breakfast for my husband also in the making. Sometimes just noodles, egg and tea, or just bread with strawberry jam. 

Prepare the table, the plate, fork, glass, drink, and also making coffee for myself, i sometimes forgot my own breakfast, and prepare it while husband and Silver are having breakfast. Just half of red dragon fruit or yogurt.

When i look at the clock, damn! i need to put Silver in the bath and prepare lunch, frozen meat, veggies and others. I sometimes do that after Silver finish bath and having his time play with his toys, i prepare him munchies too. While preparing the lunch, cook the rice, i also wash the dishes and clean up the floor in some room. You know, that super multi functional momma feel that you get after? I get crazy all time, but that's what i have to do, and i never even imagine that before, hehehe :_D

In the afternoon.

We had tuna steak with acar and fries. Silver also had nuggets and boiled quail eggs.
You know, i don't need to tell you the story after lunch time right?
Just double up the morning to afternoon scene, hehehehe :_D

Till night, you know when my husband and Silver play together, the have many requests, like thai tea, french fries, sometimes banana split, sometimes just random request from the fridge. I sometime took time to check my work on laptop, edit some photos from my camera, manage some stuff to their places.


Me and husband had sticky rice with chunk beef, or we call it lemper, but big one, for my husband. I also made small one with cheese and abon inside, for Silver. And you know what, my husband said, he need more. So i made him another thing, i made him fried rice, big portion.

I took photos of some of my cooking, sometimes. Maybe you wanna have a look ;)

Silver favorite! Cheese meatballs, fries and this quail eggs he love it so much!

Lumpia is my husband's request, all time favorite!

It's actually fun to play hot wheels with him, i like hot wheels :D

I crave for this. Before i start again my diet tomorrow, let me have this, a lot!
So i made, big portion and stock them in the chiller.
Mango sticky rice with coconut chia sauce, want moreeee pleaseeee!

And..., preparing my own food is also takes time, because i need to loose more weights and keep my energy strong and focus, so i need a tasty and interesting foods too. Inspired by a Thai Resto i visited last month, here is: "Fried squid with mango salad".

My favorite low fat latte with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel popcorn, just small cup :)
I pick best time to drink this once a day, mostly this time when i write the blog post, 8pm and up.
Oh that one is steamed chicken with ginger and spicy zuccini. My food :D.

Tomorrow, another journey on the kitchen begin again.
I prepare cheese pancake for breakfast. Still have no idea for luch or even dinner :_D
Get to go now, 8.30pm, need to take a bath because Silver is already done bath with his father.
Put him on bed, and start my work. Will finish working on my fashion stylist portfolio on instagram tonight, wish me luck!

Thinking about making another warm coffee after bath, hmmm :)


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