I don't know how many cup of coffee i have finished while talking to him, and not even a cup he ever even wanted to try. Talk about what's for lunch 'til we talk about our projects, everything, with Silver running around us, drop this and that, forcing me and my husband play with him allllll timmeeeeee. Silver is getting stronger, his mind is started to show some characteristic. He need more attention than all of my project with my husband. So, whenever we have time, we have to make it work, anytime anywhere.

Here is our coming soon project.  After quiet long time, we finally have a chance to continue our pending project from months ago. We change our name few times, as this is not just my project with my husband, but also with one of our friend. Our target is mid of September, everything need to be done. I really have no story yet to write about this project, but this is called, 'Sisa', all about living and antiks. So happy finally can make one of my list checked :)


Thinking about our very first concept for Sisa volume1.
Do you have any idea Saroo? :)

Me and husband can have our brainstorming moment, anywhere around the house. That's not really a problem anymore, even though Silver does ruin each of our talks, most time. Problem is, we always have different sight in visualizing our imagination into sentences. When Silver is on my husband's arm or climbing my back almost drop my coffee, we still need to balance our mood and focus to the topic, but happy too, you know... so Silver will always feel we are there with him too, even though sometime our mind is somewhere thinking of our work.

And..., we always need a piece of paper to sharpen our final decision. Sometime it works, but many times also end up nothing. But must important thing is, we do talk to each other, no matter what the topic is.

I love you :*