Living a life.

I heard something on tv about an actress talked about her college final assignment. I remember it was 11 years ago, my graduation. The day i had my final exam present, my God, it was such a terrifying day ever! And plus plus, it was my birth day. How can i forget, April 3rd, 2006.

But.., i think that was also the last day i felt so tiny in front people, my lecturers, and that will be the moment where i gain my 1st level to earn my hardwork to be out there at the real life. Battle of life :_D

One thing i'm quiet  positive about myself is, i never have this goosebumps moment, stress, panicking, crazy nervous, as myself on my final exam presentation. Since that moment, i relieved. I also 90% confident about doing anything for work, both... for personal work and money work. I mostly know what im doing ;). The other 10% left mostly caused by mood, deadline, schedule timeline and un-handleable clients, hehe, what else :D

So, one day, without telling Silver, i think he will take good things about me, and keep all those bad as myself, her mother :). I will show him that it is great to be a person with millions visions and never stop making them come true, no matter how slow the process is. Every single progress, build our heart, stronger and rich in our experiences.

School is important. Very.
But always, first place a person grow up and learn is always from the love and the pain of the family. So i won't, i will never let him know, every bad things i've done in my life, i just let him be with his own mind, own thoughts, own world about anything, and i will always be here watch him.

For now, let me take care of this little gentleman :)

Photo by Tata HW

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