army look.

just had a haircut today.
and i wanna look like my dad when he was young. :)
as usual at Bianco, FX with Lius my stylist.

me and gabriel.

Today, Gabriel came and ask me to take a picture on photo booth...
all of imunk's nephew love to take pictures, i even taught them how to
operate digital camera hahaha...

well today i've already make a reservation at bianco salon, FX
i really do need a haircut since a month ago...
let's see after... :D
c ya...



with my disappointed face.... :(
ohhhhh... whhyyyy!?!?!
everytime i trust someone to do something, always end up unsatisfied.
but today, it's just too much saddened :_(


peach monday.

hello monday!

high waist jeans - x-port F.O, Bandung
blazer - vintage renewal
bag - gucci
shoes - nine west


magazine is medicine.

this weekend i'm tidying my magazines up...
my plan was to throw away all the old magz, but when i opened it one by one,
i suddenly change my mind..., i never really wanna throw all my magz... :P, it's just a matter of space arrgghhh....
i love great pictures..., i need to arrange some of my time to play with my old magz...
at least a week..., to create some collage stuff... :)
most of magazine i bought is about fashion and design, if i need some references to create something, this magz helps me a lot and still works to freshen up my mind :)

Dazed, Bazaar, Vogue, Black+White, V, Elle, Concept, A+, Nylon, Rolling Stones, Blue,
National Geographic, etc etc

after tidying up, imunk came and bring my fav sandwich from Deli, Four Seasons Jakarta


jakarta's gray summer.

lunch @ Takigawa Restaurant, Setiabudi Building
the weather today is so HOTTTTT!! but the cloud not so bright... grayish...

what i wore,

the blue vintage dress i bought from GarageStore

Pink Cardigans - Only i
blue dress - GarageStore
tote bag - ViVi (Japanese Fashion Mag) goodies
dream hanger necklace - Only i
wedges - Vincci

i actually not so into Japanese foods, only the fast food i knew and remember the name :)
so i would prefer choose another restaurant if i go alone :P
but Takigawa is good, so good..., i can eat sushi here, wooohhhooo...., it's hard for me to trust things about sushi, mostly i always feel disappointed ..., but Takigawa have some great sushi and i love it... i also eat this yummy hot scallops :P~



actually, since i am concentrating myself to 'Only I', i've decided not to accept any graphic design job..., and i've already put my PowerMac G5 back to the box so i can't use it for design job...

but this time i have to create a logo and other promo material needs for JQ Boutique, Salon and Spa...
and why i have to do this, because it's a direct request from Imunk's father hahahha...
well, i've created this last night after i browse for 2 days, and this is rough design...
the color tone is down a loadssss :( when i upload the design to the blog, sorry...

the color is so gloomy here... :_(
well it's actually a very light red, blushing pink, and orange


kartini day.

April 21st...
today is Kartini Day...
let's build our spirits up and never let down...
just like her, Kartini...
Kartini you glow the gloom like a sunshine...


cork & screw.

this week full of lunch and dinner stuff hahahaha... i love it... :D

last nite i went to cork & screw with imunk's fam...
i always love cork & screw, it's a cozy bar and resto, the ambience, the foods, the people, everything is just great..., and they have great selection of wine too....
i've been at cork & screw few times, and i'd love to try different menu, so far cork & screw never disappoint me :)
so no need to stick on 1 fav menu ait... :)

wanda, gabriel and kirk :)

Location: Cork & Screw Bar & Resto

i had this great main course but i forgot the name, it's some kind of fish and potato with melted cheese and spinach, and a bowl of salad.... it's a very recommended choice, slurrppsss :P

after that i ordered banana tart for dessert and Wanda chose apple tart, both are actually the same just different for the topping of course :)
recommended dessert!!!

at the end  Kirk ordered B52 for me n imunk, it's 3 shot for me and 3 for imunk, a lil bit tipsy , but it was so much fun...., Kirk said that the b52 is to celebrate our wishes in the future hahahha... amen :)


what i wore..., nothing special...
except, i bring Only I first edition leather clutch "Hold me tight", it's an envelope type of clutch.... handmade..., 100% leather, very sweet n simple :), and Wanda already order the big one for herself, woohoooo.....
this clutch and friends, soon @ Only I...

bf blazer - Only I
vintage belt - mom's
white tees - Kate Moss for Topshop
shorts - Lime
shoes - Nine West
"Hold me tight" clutch - Only I

that's it... :)
thank's for the great pics imunk :x

Address:Wisma Kodel Ground Floor
HR. Rasuna Said St. Kav B4
Karet Village, Setiabudi District
South Jakarta City, 12920
Opening Hours:Sun - Thu: 12noon - 12midnight Fri - Sat: 12noon - 2am

this saturday.

schedule for saturday:
morning, tidy up apartment, change all the placement of each furniture in each room
afternoon, lunch at dapur sunda Belagio Kuningan, yummm...
night, tidy up again, huhhh....

our breakfast, white milk for imunk, chocolate milk for moi...

went to dapur sunda at Belagio for lunch

Only I, Dream Trapper Necklace...
messy house :(

top - Lime, ITC
studded shorts - Only I
accessories - Only I
bag - Sukawati, Bali
shawl - oz vintage shop
army look wedges - Melissa

after i took this pics, i started continue tidy up the whole apartment room...,
and i've had continue today..., and will continue again tomorrow... :_(
all my body hurts ohhhh :(


bag hanger.

a gift for ita's last year birthday hehe..., it's 6 months late i know :P
i also buy one for myself :)


1000 Tattoos by TASCHEN.

wow... i got this great book from Kirk, imunk's brother in-law
he just came back from London, and he gave me this book about tattoos as a birthday present, thank u Kirk :)
i always love what TASCHEN published, i've already got more than 4 books by TASCHEN
and most of them are about tattoo...

i spent my whole night with this amazing book! :)