casual noon.

Have a casual Monday :')


Sun Shiny Day.

Happy Sunday!

Chibi Maruko Chan Agar-Agar.

I actually got so many pictures of my cooking since last year, but i have no time to merge everything down into blog posts :'), all the pictures sometimes goes to different external hard drive and mostly stuck there until i need something to be find. So starting from now, i promise myself to make a nice folder on my laptop for every single pictures i took :), hopefully hehehehe...

Me and my husband sometime just too busy working even though we both work in the apartment. We order foods for lunch and dinner. But if i have time, i will always ready to cook, and one thing that makes me love to cook is, Imunk always clean up the kitchen :) If my mood for cooking is good, i just keep on making anything hahahahahha, mostly for desserts :) so i can keep it cool on refrigerator.
Last nite i found red agar-agar at on of the kitchen drawer. But i don't feel like red yesterday :), i want pink!! I also found Imunk's jar, 4 new cute jars, he bought it for his Tarantula sling hahahhahahahha...
I just mixed the agar-agar with milk and boiled it. Banana and oreo is the only thing matched to the agar-agar :D

About the stickers Chibi Maruko Chan figure, i made a name label at Plaza Semanggi with different type of theme, one of them is Chibi Maruko Chan, one of my favorite comic character :D
Chibi Maruko Chan remind me a lot to Faye, my little pretty niece :). So when i made this baby pink agar-agar, i decided to make jar look cuter :)), i added vanilla custard at the top of the banana and oreo toppings. Voila....! Chibi Maruko Chan Agar-Agar..., smooch....

Pssttt...., Imunk's first impression was smiled, and he said, "What are you doing...?"

Gleg. O_o


on the way...

Coming Soon ONLYi end/12
Say HELL,Oooo.


PSD makeup.

Have a great nite! :)

fine tuesday.

( top - topman (Kartini prints DIY) / sheer skirt - ONLYi / necklace & hat - unbranded / shoes - converse)

Pictures through my Android.


home sweet home.

Sweet things around the apartment.

1. Living room wall.
2. Bill's favorite place :p.
3. Me, Bill & Imunk.
4. Imunk took a picture when i asked Bill not to lick my feet all the time :D.
5. Some of the wedding decoration :).
6. On my office room wall (vintage barbie collections, beads rack, etc.

(all pics through my Android)


Mrs. Omar

( Custom bathrobe - present from Febby :* / Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm Lychee - Bodyshop )

Today i spent my day sketching for ONLYi next collection :), it's suppose to be done by tomorrow as the deadline to the tailor is Monday. I've been gathering myself up to finish all the rough sketch and re-draw it into final pieces, uooohhhhhh.... so tired. So i decided not to cook for lunch, nothing left on the fridge anyways. So me and Imunk and also Jawa (he came by to apartment this afternoon), we had a very super late lunch down the parking lot area. After that, i took a bath, a really nice one :). Found this lip balm on the lipstick box, sealed..., i bought it before my wedding day, so i tried and it taste lychee :)
I can't believe i bought so many things before my wedding day, and i was so busy preparing everything  with my ex-assistant and Imunk only (just the 3 of us), until i forgot to enjoy all the lovely things i bought. And starting today, i'm gonna use all the sealed goodies i bought. Hahaha :D Happy Day Everyone! :) Cheers....


dance class.

It's been a busy week, 3 deadlines in a week. I really enjoy them all :) I'm just a bit worry as i spent my days sit for hours, so i need to get up and have a little walk around the apartment. It's not just my backbone but also my fingers. Working on sketches on paper and coloring using my pen tablet, it will take at least 8 hours a day. I torture the fingers pretty bad :'). Doing silly dance class with my puppy sounds cheering :D. Psst.., btw that's my Bill at the back :), he won't let me alone on frame. And he ate the tree branch, and that's actually the photo props, hahahha, oh well... Let's dance! :'D

( bandana - f21 / dress - Ciel / shoes - Aldo / bag - BAM! / necklaces - from Bali )



greatest snow on earth.

Just a short story about my hat :D. I found this hat from one of my favorite shop. The shop sells so many things. It looks like a junk shop actually hehehehe, but i always found interesting stuff in there. I keep on finding unique items inside the shop and buy them, it's cheap :), all inside the shop is Rp. 6000,- (about 75c). I found cans in vintage prints, weird toys like dinosaurs with 2 heads, and many more :). I realized that shop sell things rejected from the quality control section, but not everything :), i found so many good condition items there.

So one day i found this light pink hat attracted my eyes from the hat rack. I put it right away on the shopping basket and i quick read it "the greatest snow on earth". And today i just realized, it's "greates show on earth", it's 'greates' without 't' and it's 'snow' not 'show'. Hmmm.., i think this time i got that 'rejected' type of product :p.

( hat - unbranded / tank top - topshop / denim maxi skirt - BAM! / necklace - unbranded / bag - pasar seven / silver boots - custom made from Bali ) 

Here are some of the wish list of the month :D, girls..., always dreaming about so many things right :D

LV x Kusama sunglasses
( Acne - Pistol Short Boots / Louboutin - Rock & Gold Suede Platform Ankle Boots / Jil Sander - Osaka Two Tone Wedge Ankle Boots )


Nicky Astria.

Had a great opportunity to work with Nicky Astria :). This was my work from early this year. Me and my team only had few hours as it was rain and we started the photo shoot a bit late. But i'm happy and really had a good time doing this photo shoot. Nicky herself is naturally beautiful and she has this amazing skin and gorgeous hair. Her song might not in my era, but i overheard when she sang her new single, and her voice is truly rocks! Such an honor working with the Lady Rocker Nicky :)

Photography, Editing & Styling by DiamondHurts /// Art Director: Omar Sharif /// Asst. Photographer: Hanna Sitompul
Stylist: Lokita Mardanti /// Wardrobe: Nicky's & Diamondhurts Property /// Crew: Edu & Gilang

Fairy Tools.

What makes the bride smells like a lemon juice?
Asked the love fairy to go with me to The Body Shop hahahaha... :)
Anyway, pictures above are things i bought on the way of my wedding day.
The parfum and the welcome soap are present :D